Sunday, December 28, 2008

champagne beer day!

23 on 23

champagne birthday - the day when the age one turns and the date of birth coincides.

i happily turned 23 on december champagne beer day! i've never been this excited to turn a year older ever! i'm one of those lucky people who has their birth dates on the 21-31 range. you sure did not do get something awesome when you turned 5 on the 5th, right? what do you know, you're freakin 5! anyways, champagne birthdays only happens once so you gotta make the best out of it. how did i par on making my champagne birthday awesome? i posted a birthday wish list on my facebook and multiply pages. yeah i know, i know - what a freeloading ass, kind of a sponge, moocher, moocheroo, kapalmuks., etc. newsflash buddy boy.....i don't give a shit! i'm turning 23, damn it! lol and surprisingly enough, it's happening. even friends on the other side of the planet would want to send me something. word.
here's what on that list...
  • brand new earphones for my ipod (hand me down earphones are just unsanitary)
  • equilibrium dvd
  • mamma mia dvd (thanks, cathy)
  • passing strange original broadway cast album
  • britney spears concert tickets (scratch this one because tickets went sold out after 14 mins.)
  • burberry perfume - the beat
  • the dark knight dvd (thanks in advance, din! i'm also getting this one on blu-ray from my sister)
  • horton hears a who dvd (thanks, zoletas)
  • into the wild soundtrack
  • aldo gift card - at least $30 (yes, there is a price range)
  • scrubs season 6
  • house season 3
  • private practice season 1
  • pushing daisies season 1
  • multiple blessings: surviving to thriving twins and sextuplets - this is the jon & kate gosselin book.
  • a luggage name tag holder (for a travel junkie like me, you would think that i should have this one already eh?)
  • rosetta stone: spanish
  • you can also take me to the movies and see the curious case of benjamin button, milk, or doubt
  • lucky me pancit canton chilimansi flavor (this is the popular one. ate hae, lance, maan, ate sharon...thanks in advance)
  • idina menzel cd - i stand
  • any bethany dillon cd

i also have a christmas wish list for our annual gift exchange and i got what i really wanted from that list. tina got me mamma mia, how i met your mother s3 and 30 rock s2. aylavet! ailee also got me the office s4.

apparently, there's still a handful of gift options on that list. so if you could forget about worldvision for a minute and think about me and my wish list, that'll be great lol oh man that was such a horrible thing to say. but damn it i'm 23! *evil laugh*

this beer day's first greeter was amna landayto. yay! amna is a friend from highschool from a different highschool. go figure. this first greeter thing that i keep track of never fails to surprise me every year. i remember back in the motherland, i would always wait til the clock strikes 12 before i greet someone. i believe that that way the greeting is not just a greeting. a simple effort comes along with it that makes the celebrant feel extra special...ispeysyul if you will lol anyway, quick recap: 2004 - zabrina caya; 2005 - zach lucero; 2006 - meishe ricohermoso & edison flores; 2007 - irene tan-gurango.

a larger than life love and merci beaucoup goes to everyone who made me feel special on that one day that i claim i rightfully own. also to the loving dude upstairs who keeps me sane, thanks for blessing me with another cramazing year to look forward to and for filling my life with wonderful untradeable people to share awesome experiences with.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

a good friend

metro ran an article a month ago about how to become a better friend. i'm feeling really chese-illy nostalgic right now so as lame is it may seem, this is no crap fest at all. i can be adorably lame when it comes to my friends, you know?

anyway, how does one become a better friend?
  • be truly interested in the other person: listen more and talk less.
  • extend yourself: go out of your way with time, favours, and support.
  • be honest: always cover their back. if their mate is cheating on them, tell them.
  • never reveal their confidences or gossip about them.
  • look out for them: if they need a job, keep an eye out for opportunities.
  • avoid relentless complaining: it's tiresome and draining to listen to.
  • cut your friends some slack: they too have other family, career, community, and friends pulling on their time.
  • don't wait for the time to be with your friends...make the time. (not bragging but i am, without a doubt, good on this one.)

quoting james mcavoy from wanted, "what the f have you done lately?"

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


can you remember how your parents would make you eat all the vegetables you can possibly consume?

this morning at work, it dawned at me how necessary it is to be listening to my mom while she raves about eating vegetables... specifically squash (kalabasa). all i can remember about the awesomeness that is squash is how good it is for your eyes. when i was little, whenever my mom cooks her very delicious pinakbet, she would always try to make me and my sister eat as much squash as we can. i bet if only she could, she'll shove it into our mouth. one time, my uncle brought lots of kalabasa (squash) from cavite. for a second there, i thought we'll be having pakbet for the next 2 months. so my mom, who's always wearing her smarty pants, decided she'll make squash flans. seriously? squash flans? turns out, it's not bad at all. it was really delicous. who would've thought that you can make squash flans?

anyways, the reason for this segue is that i think my vision went up a couple of grades. i'm not sure if it's just because of the lack of sleep (yeah. would you believe that i still haven't recuperated from last saturday?) or my diabetes (which i'm handling very well) or just my eyes. if it's the latter, i'll have to decide whether to get contacts or stick with specs.

man, should've really listened to mom. i am now paying the price.

for the wages of not eating your squash is your vision.

Monday, December 1, 2008

how did i end my november?

i ended it with the announcement that one of my bestfriends' engagement. yahoong yahoo!

yes, my very very good friend, claudine, is not wearing a big ass ring on her left ring finger. i am so happy and very excited for her and johnson. i was, literally, jumping and clapping when i read her sms. i could just imagine her having the huge smile duct taped on her face. i told her to watch her smile because people who doesn't know her might think that she's gone crazy in the head lol

her wedding is going to be in the summer of 2010. that gives me enough time to get into shape. yeeeaaaah!

man, we are growing up. aylavet!

blogging from work

i've been working at a different office since last week and i must say that i'm having a fun office time over here. my original office (elan data makers) sent me here (united way) to help out with their donations processing. i get to do that whole casual friday thing hehe. people here, at united way, are very nice and accomodating. i am sharing a cubcile with 3 other ladies. i have my own desk and phone (holla!) too. i'll working here until the 24th then after that i'll be back at my original office. oh and i also get to have this...

Mary Ruth Diaz
Data Entry Assistant
United Way of the Alberta Capital Region
10020 - 108 St
Edmonton, AB T5J 1K6
Tel: 780.990.1000
Fax: 780.990.0203

bongga! yeah yeah they got my name wrong (it should be "maryruth". one word) but it's all good. it's not like i'll be working here forever.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


epiphany - a sudden manifestation of the essence or meaning of something; a revelatory manifestation of a divine being.

ever had one of those? i am pretty sure i've had one...errr..still having one. it has been looming in my thoughts and actions for the last couple of weeks. i find it mind blowing that and a tad hard to deal with. doing something radical that will completely change you as a person is pretty easy to speak of and yet very tough to put into action.

struggle. struggling - word that should be on my status.

there are times that i may seem like i am in a really good place but am actually not. that sure is a news to you, my friend. yes, i do have down times too. down times are good. struggling is good. it makes you be the most positive human being you can ever be. i've been to that point where it felt like i'm losing everything. my mind was not in the perspective, i nonchalantly shunned myself from any personal connections, i managed to hurt the people i love. i did horrible things that made me feel like an obnoxious sinner. the kind that doesn't care about being saved. then i started to question Him. then i stumbled upon this bible passage. jeremiah 33:3 "call to Me and I will answer you. I'll tell you marvelous and wondrous things that you could never figure out on your own." i learned to take it as a blessing to be caught up in a frustrating situation. why? because i know it will just make my faith in Him grow stronger. see, He gives us trials not to punish us but to remind us that He has always got our back no matter what. He did a lot of amazing stuff for those who have come before me. if he did it for them, i don't see any reason why he can't do it for me as well. all i need to do is to take my chance with him. i need to stop gambling and betting on possibilities that has no proof of succeeding. He has showered me with a lot of promises. He is just waiting for me to claim them...each of them.

as i continue to deal with temptations and compromising situations every single day, i know i am being reminded that it's about time that i REALLY make things right with Him. i've been lost and found way too many times and i'm getting tired of it.

must move on.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

totally unnecessary

stomping on the cross? seriously?

quoting ryan..."Ironically the homosexual protesters had signs that said "Stop Hate." The news anchor was wrong, there was only one group of protesters filled with hate -- it was the homosexuals."

Sunday, November 16, 2008


finally! the red christmas cups are back at starbucks! well not only starbucks. tim hortons has theirs back as well. stuff like this sucks us more into this giant bubble called the christmas season. it's weird though that even with the red cups back, the snow fall is still inching its way in. i mean, come on! can we get more christmas-y up here?

hell yeah! check it...canada's biggest christmas tree. yes, it can be found here in edmonton. mayor stephen mandel and santa lighted it up just this afternoon. because of the nice weather, churchill square was packed with so many people who are getting their christmas groove on. there were fireworks as well which was beautifully synchronized with the music.

canada's biggest christmas tree @ churchill square, downtown edmonton

*siiiigh* i feel very christmas-y now. this photos made me play christmas songs on the computer. tonight's popular jam, "merry christmas and happy holidays" by *nsync and "winter wonderland" by rockapella.

thanks to mack for the photo of the tree.

oh and one more thing that i'm really bananas excited about? my 23rd beer day! yay! it's gonna be 23 on 23. how cool is that huh? plans? i'm kinda leaning on the getting really really drunk side. oh but who knows what the red piano has to offer lol

Saturday, November 15, 2008

nothing but love and respect

last week, i had the opportunity to attend lolo mike's funeral. it was an afternoon of love and respect for this great noble man. we've only known his family for a good 2 years and yet it felt like we've known them for more than that. his grandchildren has been so good to me and my sisters which reflects how good a grandfather he was.

little did i know that his family was the first and raw "baesa connection" that i have in edmonton. he used to work as an accountant for philippine publishing house. they used to live in one of those apartments across the old philippine union college. yep, those apartments near that dato store. his children attended puc. his son-in-law went to puc as well and was one those students who protested to not transfer puc to silang, cavite. check it, this one is the craziest connection ever, lolo mike's niece in miami is married to my aunt's ex-husband's brother. get it?

another death, that i haven't talked/blogged about, was mang "papa taba" luis' passing. he was our dear neighbor back home. his family is the best neighbor anyone could ever ask for. they'll feed you and let you watch tv for as long you want. i honestly don't remember not knowing them. it was so much fun having them right across our house. there were days that they would look after me and my sisters...specially my baby sister. they treated bujit as one of their own. she's their adopted daughter. papa taba (bujit gave him that nickname) was more than just a neighbor to us. he is family. losing him was really hard. what made it even harder was the fact that we can't be there physically to comfort his family. now, the neighborhood that i grew up in and loved will never be the same. stupid liver cirrhosis!

i'll see you both in the morning. there is always hope in the morning...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

routine changing discovery

two days ago, i discovered that the bus that i've been taking for the past 2 weeks goes all the way right in front of my office building.
since i found out about this, i've lost a lot of walkathon periods and my system is missing the everyday "7 block each way downton walk". if it is not too cold, i will most likely do the walk. but once it starts snowing, screw that...i'll stay on that damn bus a little longer until it stops on my building lol

oh and me scored again today. i found a starbucks that is only a block away from my building. i was thrilled! so i guess this means "so long, tim hortons" and "what's up, venti?". oh crap luxury coffee attacks. with tim hortons, i only spend a good 10 bucks per week on coffee. when i do the switch, i'll be spending more money on coffee than i normally do. but i am more awake with statbucks than with tim's. hence, it raises the question... "quality or quantity?" hmmm....mehyn, this could result to budget adjustment. yeah i do that budgeting hoopla now. stupid economic crisis. crapper!

help me decide? lol

Monday, October 20, 2008

eliminate health care...

...premiums. eliminate health care premiums.

the province of alberta is eliminating health care premiums as of january 2009.
until then, albertans pay the same way.

now you get free health care and gay marriage!


Saturday, October 18, 2008

when [tos]sers do something awesome together....

....they end up with making cramazing stuff such as this......

words to the song ran out so fast that i, unfortunately, didn't get one. but it's cool. it's all for the love of [title of show].

did you spot the familiar faces in this video? like ann harada, neil patrick harris (he looked so classy with that white sweater on), joel gray, jimmy kimmell, the keenan-bolgers: celia, maggie & andrew, jeff marx (munching on a in-n-out burger. i miss in-n-out.), jonathan groff, beth leavel, betty buckley, jerry bock, sheldon harnick, john kander, bebe neuwirth, terrence mcnally, fred armisen, tr knight, jason sudeikis, aaron lazaar, leann lazaar, annie wersching, shoshanna bean, patti lupone, seth rudetsky, jason biggs, david burtka, glen fitzgerald, seth meyers, lee grant, rob maschio, nicky (with stephen schwartz' star in hollywood), will forte, sarah silverman, cheyenne jackson, kathie lee gifford, jack mcbrayer, peter travers, america ferrera, kelli o'hara, danny burstein, boyd gaines, amy spanger, alexander gemignani, jane krakowski, andrea martin, john cameron mitchell, christopher sieber, barrett foa, laura benanti, dinah manoff, and of course, mindy.

can't wait for [title of show] to open again on broadway. i am so going to take my future kids to this show...totes!

Friday, October 17, 2008


how do you measure maturity? when does the reality of being a grown-up hit you? 

is it when you pack your own stuff for an out of town weekend?
is it when you get so wasted and go home before the crack of dawn?
is it when you realize that you now have access to porn?
is it when you move in with someone?
is it when people you grew up with are getting married?
is it when your friends start having babies and building their own families?
is it when people your age move across town to be independent from their parents?
is it when you learn to go to the other side of the planet all by yourself?
is it when you pay for your own bills?
is it when you start dining at restaurants that only takes reservations?
is it when the government sends you a mail regarding your outstanding health care balance?
is it when your friends, who badly wants a baby, are having miscarriages?
is it when you start lending people money?
is it when you act politely towards the bus driver?
is it when you no longer get carded for all things prohibited to minors?

i am convinced that it is when you learn how to sincerely apologize for anything that you did wrong...specially the wrongs you subconsciously made.

Monday, October 13, 2008

center of the universe

it is such a shame to have delayed serious blogging about my 2-day trip in NYC. such a shame to have delayed raving about this and this and this and this and this and this and this and this and this and this and this and this and this and this and this and this and this and everything else about my favorite city. favorite whaa? hell yeah! i bet your ass i can survive there because i know i can, to the nth level, deal with walking and subways and bad traffic and "rude" people (no, not all new yorkers are rude. come on, rude people are everywhere) and most of all, their no standing policies. yes, no standing policies. you'll see a lot of this all over manhattan. people actually get tickets for standing on prohibited areas. you'll have to pay a good $115 fine for it. so yeah you just have to do that walk and talk thing a la house m.d. and the west wing.

2 days in NYC isn't enough. it has never been enough...specially if you're coming from a little known city in western canada called edmonton. i've always wanted to come to new york city. early this year, i kinda invited some people to go with me in the summer. unfortunately, that plan went down the drain because i spent most of my loonies in manila. damn exchange rate! with the surprising turn of events, i still managed to leave footprints along times square. my mom invited me to go with her to maryland to visit her cousin's family whom i haven't met. i said no at first because i only had money for my upcoming california trip (3rd time in less than 2 yrs) and there's nothing much going on in maryland really...well i guess except if you live in baltimore or somewhere close to washington dc. how did she lure me? she lured me with "i'll pay for half of your ticket...and you're uncle said they'll take us to nyc." whaa? nyc whaa? you f'realz? the moment i heard those three magical letters, N-Y-C, i instantly said yes. i found out that it's only 5 hrs drive from where they are in maryland to nyc. so yeah they can totally take us there. 

hotel rates were mad expensive when we went there because it was the mid-summer season. my aunt managed to book us a room at a hotel in staten island which worked out well for us because we got to go on that 30-minute free ferry ride to get to manhattan. the closer the lower manhattan skyline gets, the more butterflies flock my stomach. it felt like i was going to disneyland or something. my relatives were laughing at me because they can tell from the look on my face and my 360 degrees head turns that i was mixed nuts excited to be there. there was a lot of construction going on in manhattan. i thought it was just in the movies. we had lunch at this place called lotus express at the financial district. good food. a lot of corporate people dines there. most of them gets their food to go. it's fun to walk with those corporate new york people. man, they do walk fast like they're doing a power walk exercise. i've also found out that the name wall street was derived from the fact that during the 17th century, a wall actually stood there as a boundary. we then rode the subway to get to times square. while we were getting our metro cards, i swear to lucifer, i saw kate shindle got on the train. kate shindle originated the role of vivian in broadway's legally blonde. she's really pretty in person.

when we got to times square, it was pouring rain. while waiting for the rain to stop, i've managed to buy a copy of that day's new york post and also tickets for the double-decker bus tour. they have good deals on bus tours in the summer. most of them comes with a free water taxi tour. the bus tour took us everywhere. there were three different loops that you can go on to. there was the downtown loop, uptown loop, brooklyn loop, and the manhattan night tour.

we did the downtown loop tour first. we went around times square, theatre district, macy's, madison square garden, empire state building, flatiron building, greenwich village, soho, chinatown, little italy, city hall, world trade site, battery park, lower east side, east village, united nations, the famous waldorf astoria hotel, central park, the plaza hotel, radio city music hall, & rockefeller center. when we got off at the rockefeller center, i was like "oh lordy! tina fey walked on this very pavement a million times!"....."this was where tracy morgan reunited with grizz and dot com!"...."jason sudeikis punched andy samberg right here!". luckily, i managed to keep my cool. then i saw promethus. i'm not hallucinating but he did tell me "yes mm, that really is my sculpture you're looking at. you're not dreaming. you are in nyc." as if he tangibly gave me the fire that he stole from zeus. hehe ok refresh your greek mythology knowledge. then we went inside the nbc experience store. i wanted to buy everything in there. specially merch from fave shows. but too bad, i'm not a lottery winner yet. we didn't get to do the observation deck thing because we didn't have enough time to do it. then we walked our way back to times square to catch the night tour/brooklyn tour.

times square was crazy amazing! the heart of the city was so fckn bright! it's as bright as vegas, i think. big ass screens and giant billboards are everywhere! there were a lot of people, most of them are tourists. my neck was in a tad of pain from all the head turning i was doing. but i totally didn't complain about it. i'm in my favorite city, damn it! the one thing i complained about was when my camera ran out of batteries. never did anything like that happened to me before on one of my travels. well except for my first visit to san francisco. but that was different because i forgot to charge them before i left the house. but with NYC, dude, i came prepared. i charged my batteries and everything. they still gave out. that's what i got for taking way too many pictures. good thing my uncle brought his swanking camera with him. he got me covered.

we had a little more than 2 hrs to spare before the next tour leaves. so i dragged my relatives to the awesome shubert alley. i was gonna go theatre memorabilia shopping at one shubert alley. but unfortunately, they were closed. we went back the next day to get my broadway shopping on. i luckily did. bought a spring awakening and rent shirt. my spring awakening shirt is so cool. it says "there's a moment you know..." in the front and "you're fucked" at the back. aylavet! so for all your broadway needs, go to one shubert alley on 44th st. between 8th & 9th ave. then we went theatre hopping. bought a "die vampire, die!" oh soo [tos]some! while walking along broadway, we passed by this resto that displayed huge cheesecakes on their window. it caught mom's and auntie's attention. then when i looked read, roxy delicatessen. i'm not a big fan of cakes or cheesecakes, for that matter. so i didn't really care if we dine there or not. but mom wanted to try them so we still went in. their slice wasn't really a slice. it was more like 2 slices put together. they're massive! it was the best cheesecake i've had so far. sorry cheesecake factory. 

for the night tour, it was pretty much the same as the downtown loop it's just that you're doing it at night and with a side trip to brooklyn. brooklyn was pretty. brooklyn heights looked gorgeous. got to see how manhattan skyline looks like at night from the brooklyn. it was very pleasing to the eyes. didn't realize that pier 17 is prettier at night.

the next day, we had breakfast at au bon pain near battery park. really loved their broccoli & cheese soup. then we did the water taxi tour. we got on the boat at the south street seaport and it went from the hudson river to the east river. got to see ellis island, statue of liberty, battery park, brooklyn bridge, jersey city, the colgate clock (promoted as the world's largest), museum of jewish heritage, and the city's 4 man made waterfalls. after the water taxi, we walked our way to chinatown. mom and auntie were kinda looking for some good deals on not perfectly branded purses. they didn't have too much luck. then we went to central park for the uptown tour. i didn't know that in the summer, wollman rink becomes an amusement park. the uptown tour went around, of course, upper manhattan. we saw the worldwide plaze, columbus circle, time warner center, lincoln center (where david blaine held his breath inside that round aquarium), dakota apartments (the entrance where john lennon was shot), strawberry fields, american youth hostel, american museum of natural history, cathedral of st. john the divine (this gothic cathedral is so amazing. it has john 3:16 engraved on it's steeple. and you can comfortably fit the statue of liberty in it. isn't that cool?), grant's tomb, apollo theatre, the penthouse apartment where jackie kennedy onassis died, guggenheim museum, metropolitan museum of art, whitney museum, the carnegie hall and the famous carnegie deli.

i heart NYC! it has so much history behind it. learning facts and trivias about it through the tours was really educating...just like when you learn brand new stuff from a snapple cap.  

that pretty much summed my 2-day NYC trip. very tiring but so much fun. it'll be way more fun if you're there with people your age hehe. fortunately, again with the surprising turn of events, one of my bestfriends, claudine, invited me to come with them to NYC in january. whaaa? of course i said yes. it'll definitely be more exciting plus the fact that it is gonna be winter when we go there. then i'll be able to proudly say that i've experience NYC in all sorts of weather....rainy, hot & sunny (nyc gave me a bad tan line on my wrist), and very cold. 

hmmm...i wonder how much would these californians be able to take....hmmm

Sunday, October 12, 2008

word to the amazingly creative [title of show] cast

to the certified vampire killing cramazing cast of [title of show]:

a gazillion belting andrea mcardle thanks for bringing [title of show] to life. your little known show has been such a humongous larger than life inspiration to me. i love how [title of show] speaks of truth and reality and doing what you've always wanted to do.....even though there's an incredible amount of vampires blocking your way.

it feels like it was just yesterday when i finally got the [tos] cd in my mail. 15 months later after opening that package from, i'm still bananas excited to listen to it from "untitled opening number" up to "ground beef and a cup". most of the time, i'd play it more than once in a day. it's kinda like a lather rinse repeat thing. i introduced you guys to my 13 yr old sister and she fell in love with [tos] right away. she is now slowly becoming a theatre dork and wants to take it getting her ass into a program at nyu's tisch. word.

it so heartbreaking that tonight is the 'pep rally'...and yet i am still so proud to say that [tos]sers will never give up just like that. we will help you guys keep this dream alive with a normal electrifying heartbeat and everything.

so for the mean time, in honor of this very original and inspiring musical that has definitely been the favorite of more than 9 people, at 7:30 tonight, i'm gonna pour myself a glass of wine, order some pizza, get my [tos]fied ipod and hook it up to my blasting speakers then finally hit play on that [title of show] cast album icon.

you guys are, and will always be, very much loved!
[title of show] is love!

again, thanks for the inspiration. enjoy the pep rally tonight.

much much love,

oh and just so you guys know, "die vampire, die!" and "nine people's favorite thing" are on my get psyched playlist. yes, your cramazing songs are beside journey's "don't stop believing". word.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


so far, we're experiencing a good autumn. just right amount of chill factor in the wind...a tolerable cold in the mornings and lukewarm sunny afternoons.
that's why two saturdays ago, we did this....

....and this.....

....along here.... the northgate part of the 97th street stretch

that area right there is a popular autumn photo-op spot. the colored leaves are just so pretty when they're all clustered with the other trees.


this morning, when i got off the bus at downtown, i bumped into a local tv personality. i had an itsy bitsy face time with bridget ryan of citytv's breakfast television. she' s like the joy cordero and love anover of those morning shows back in the philippines. from the looks of how they're setting up their lights and camera, i guess they're going to do that impromptu interview thing with pedestrians. they will probably ask people about their views on the coming federal election. should canadians stay with stephen harper's leadership or give stephane dion a shot?
for some nostalgic god knows reason, i've been playing my uber favorite 80's ballad for the last 2 hours...."suddenly" by olivia newton-john and cliff richard. oooohhh the memories of younger me....the smell of hot pandesals in the afternoon after siesta.....getting told by ate fely to not get ourselves too dirty from playing outside....morning taho ritual....saying hi to mang mansing everytime he delivers our mail....and a gazillion more whatnots. lol yes "suddenly". fkc yeah! you guys should check out cheyenne jackson & kerry butler's version. cheyenne has the manliest singing voice ever. saw him strolling along soho when i was in nyc. oh god sooo delicious...even though he's gay. him and neil patrick harris are the, i swear, only gay guys that i would zipzoink do it with...hahaha..seriously.

so tell me, what are your favorite 80's songs?
**btw, i'm going to use my apparent power in this blog to veto journey's "don't stop believin". what? you're asking why? well duuuh! it's only the best song that came out of that era....that and billy joel's "we didn't start the fire" lol
ok scratch that. just tell me what's your fave song from the 80's. word. double word.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

lazy sunday

i love lazy sundays! i forgot how nice it was to have the weekend off since i went on my 5-month employment hiatus.

right now, at this very moment, i'm doing nothing else but my week old laundry with xanadu providing the music. doesn't "all over the world" just makes you want to get up and dance on your center table a la la vie boheme?

hmmm...what else...oh right yeah there's the SNL ritual (props to whoever invented the pvr and tivo). tina fey is still rocking that sarah palin impression. holla! fyi: SNL is going on primetime to do some more spoofing before election date. that means there's gonna be a whole lot more of sarah palin with tina fey glasses on tv. i heart tina fey to the, not just bones, blood cells. i swear to the madonna and child image, if i ever see tina fey in the flesh, i'll freakin go bananas and introduce myself and get a big tight hug and get a picture taken with her. yes, just exactly like what i will do if i see taye diggs...well minus the subtle ass grabbing action. word.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

a quick update

just a quick update on the innings and outings of my lifehood....
  • i'm finally back to the earners circuit again. tomorrow is going to be my third day of working at elan data makers. speed and accuracy is name of the game...and you're free to listen to your ipod while working. word.

  • i'm getting really habituated into busing and long walks in the morning. it's going to be my daily exercise. much for spalady gym membership...which i'm still paying for. god can't wait for that damn contract to finish. anyways, yeah walking in the morning. my work is in downtown edmonton and walking there is kinda like walking in manhattan...only cleaner and no "no standing signs" and no honking and the streets aren't filled with yellow cabs. fine! it's nothing like walking in manhattan (coz being in manhattan is more than being in disneyland to me. word.)! so yeah what i do now as part of my commute is i walk 5 blocks to get to my office building. even though there's a bus that stops right in front of our building, i still went for the walking option. we'll see how will i par when it starts to snow.

  • my laptop has finally broken down. it has been doing very lousy since we came back from manila. there's a way to fix it by way of the recovery disks. but the one that i made when i bought the laptop is not fkin working. what's up with that pc? god can't wait to get a macbook. my best option now is to hire somebody to fix it for me. it's gruelingly sad that i don't know how to fkin work a laptop. i haven't done much with tweaking laptops coz back in the motherland, laptops were kind of a big deal when i was awakening my spring. thanks to my uber reliable ipod touch and its IM applications that lets me stay online. for the mean time, i'll be using the "everybody's computer" for all my computer needs.

  • save as much as you can before it's too late!....or move somewhere else while you still can...somewhere where gay people can legally marry. *blink* c-a-n-a-d-a *blink* c-a-n-a-d-a *blink* hahahahaha (yeah apparently that one goes out to my friends in the states lol and lance and bjorn. naks! sikat!)

  • and we ([tos]sers) are still keeping up with our fight to keep [title of show] on broadway. please visit and get educated!

enjoy the rest of the week, barney bimbos!

mabuhay ang mga may trabaho!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

find one last refrain...glory

awww....RENT....i'm gonna miss it...even if i haven't actually tangibly seen it on stage.

in case you didn't hear it yet, the hot ticket, a part of sony pictures, released RENT to select movie theatres for four shows only on september 24th & 25th and 27th & 28th. yes, they filmed the final curtain call at the nederlander theatre. me and bujit went to see it on wednesday. it brought both of us to tears, specially when they showed a photo of jonathan larson at the end. it's really sad that he didn't get to experience the success of his creation. RENT has touched so many lives in so many different ways you could ever imagine. the song "christmas bells" reminds you that there are others who is in way deeper shit hole than you are.....then enter "seasons of love" reminding you to live your life one day at a time and to just accept the people around you. "i'll cover you" reminds you that true love still exists, even for gay people. then "without you" gives you a glimpse of what it would feel like if you lose someone you really really love.

RENT totally kicking ass lives up to its coined statement, "no day but today".

thank you, jonathan larson.

Monday, September 22, 2008

[tos]sers unite!

ok so the "closing news" didn't fail to devastate the super awesome [tos]sers ([tos]ser - a noun use to describe a fan of that amazing broadway show called [title of show]). well we won't give up without a fight. we're gonna get our stakes out of our sock drawers and show 'em vampires our vampire killing-save-this-uber-awesome-hilarious-show-on-broadway-and-help-get-them-on-ellen moves. there's a pettition going on right now that will help get [title of show] on the ellen degeneres show....and we need everyone's help. please follow this link get [title of show] on ellen. with [title of show] getting a spot on ellen, it'll boost awareness of the existence of the show and hopefully help [tos] with ticket sales then it'll eventually prevent the closing of the show. get it? good. so please please click on the link (hey that - link. fo! i can lin-manuel miranda rap my ass off. nice!)....even if you don't really have any idea about what i'm talking about, please please sign the petition a.s.a.p because we only have until october 12. please please help us spread the word. feel free to repost this entry in your blogs so your 9 people would know about it too. thanks a lot!

for those who doesn't really know a tiny wittle atom anything about [title of show], ch-ch-check these out....

Die, Vampire, Die! - Original Cast