Monday, May 24, 2010

who touches the future?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

hump day 5 #3 - glee edition

oh good lord, it's been a while. i have to bring it back somehow eh?

so this week's hump day 5 is all about last night's episode glee.

  • bryan ryan. neil patrick harris played bryan ryan, a william mckinley high alum that mr. schuester hated. he has a box of playbills hidden away in his porn.

  • dream on. matthew morrison and nph's rendition of aerosmith's classic "dream on" is just superb. i had an eargasm....twice. listen:

  • you know you struck gold when you accidentally get a spot on glee. the slightest of your being seen on glee is worth being bragged about. congratulations, jollibee! magpa-chicken ka naman! (for the non-filipino: jollibee is like the mcdonald's of the philippines)

  • of course i'm share the "safety dance" all its flash mob glory.

  • shelby corcoran (idina menzel) is rachel berry's (lea michele) mom! i sooo called this upon seeing that scene on the pilot episode where rachel confesses that she don't know who her mother is. the confirmation makes me really happy. this is the video of shelby and rachel's duet. the close-up shots? yeah they're trippy, i swear. they just extremely....extruuuhhmmleeee look-a-like! see for yourself:

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Trololo Sing Along!

just gave my membranes some serious orgasmic laugh break from thinking too much. thank you, eduard khil! just had my first real ROFL experience.

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