Saturday, November 15, 2008

nothing but love and respect

last week, i had the opportunity to attend lolo mike's funeral. it was an afternoon of love and respect for this great noble man. we've only known his family for a good 2 years and yet it felt like we've known them for more than that. his grandchildren has been so good to me and my sisters which reflects how good a grandfather he was.

little did i know that his family was the first and raw "baesa connection" that i have in edmonton. he used to work as an accountant for philippine publishing house. they used to live in one of those apartments across the old philippine union college. yep, those apartments near that dato store. his children attended puc. his son-in-law went to puc as well and was one those students who protested to not transfer puc to silang, cavite. check it, this one is the craziest connection ever, lolo mike's niece in miami is married to my aunt's ex-husband's brother. get it?

another death, that i haven't talked/blogged about, was mang "papa taba" luis' passing. he was our dear neighbor back home. his family is the best neighbor anyone could ever ask for. they'll feed you and let you watch tv for as long you want. i honestly don't remember not knowing them. it was so much fun having them right across our house. there were days that they would look after me and my sisters...specially my baby sister. they treated bujit as one of their own. she's their adopted daughter. papa taba (bujit gave him that nickname) was more than just a neighbor to us. he is family. losing him was really hard. what made it even harder was the fact that we can't be there physically to comfort his family. now, the neighborhood that i grew up in and loved will never be the same. stupid liver cirrhosis!

i'll see you both in the morning. there is always hope in the morning...

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