Wednesday, December 17, 2008

a good friend

metro ran an article a month ago about how to become a better friend. i'm feeling really chese-illy nostalgic right now so as lame is it may seem, this is no crap fest at all. i can be adorably lame when it comes to my friends, you know?

anyway, how does one become a better friend?
  • be truly interested in the other person: listen more and talk less.
  • extend yourself: go out of your way with time, favours, and support.
  • be honest: always cover their back. if their mate is cheating on them, tell them.
  • never reveal their confidences or gossip about them.
  • look out for them: if they need a job, keep an eye out for opportunities.
  • avoid relentless complaining: it's tiresome and draining to listen to.
  • cut your friends some slack: they too have other family, career, community, and friends pulling on their time.
  • don't wait for the time to be with your friends...make the time. (not bragging but i am, without a doubt, good on this one.)

quoting james mcavoy from wanted, "what the f have you done lately?"


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