Friday, October 15, 2010


almost 3 weeks ago: sunday morning. woke up much earlier that i normally do. went to the can. tried to go back to sleep. checked facebook. and then there. i was floored by the shocking news of ching's passing. i tried to talk myself out from believing all those facebook posts from our common friends. wishing it was a dream, i shakingly picked up the phone and called manila. it is true. ching is gone. gone.

i feel really bad for her brother, clyde (who is one of my very close friends). he didn't get to say bye to her. it's really heartbreaking and very unfair.

the outpour of love, support, and prayers for her family was overwhelming. it really sucks though that she's gone too soon. i know she could've done more amazing things. i also know that He has a plan set out for those around ching, most specially for her family.

my favorite shared experience (jimmy fallon-ing it) with ching? hands down, that time when we almost drowned in the river. we were about 10 or 11 at that time. we all just laughed our heads off after it happened. we do know how to care less, yes.

everybody misses you ching! you are a unique soul.


again, in that bright morning, ching. in that bright beautiful morning...

Monday, October 11, 2010

always always

it is thanksgiving today here in canada. to me, it kinda feels like christmas sans the gifts and the tree. the food. the food is what overwhelms me usually. since our family moved here, our thanksgiving celebrations has been co-celebrated with my middle sister's birthday. double rainbow. i know.

family. words aren't enough to share with you how much thankful i am for the blessings that's been bestowed to me and my family over the years. there's no such thing as perfect family, but we strive to make it work. i am forever grateful to them for enabling me to stay as sane. my family never liked those things called "drama." so please, to our "bored" relatives, keep your negativity to yourselves and leave us alone. as my mom would always say "kung ayaw nila e di wag. basta ako, i'll stick with what i know is right." (translation: "if they don't want to, fine. as for me, i'll stick with what i know is right.")

friends. i've collected a proud amount of good ones over the years. to tell you the truth, sometimes i'm taken aback by how wealthy i am in the friends department. they are all sorts of awesome goodness and i will never ever trade them for beer flavored waffle ever. not gonna happen in this life, neither on sims 3 world adventures.

air. the true absolute ability to breathe. nothing will top that.

faith. He exists!!!!! how do you like me now?

happy thanksgiving!