Thursday, November 6, 2008

routine changing discovery

two days ago, i discovered that the bus that i've been taking for the past 2 weeks goes all the way right in front of my office building.
since i found out about this, i've lost a lot of walkathon periods and my system is missing the everyday "7 block each way downton walk". if it is not too cold, i will most likely do the walk. but once it starts snowing, screw that...i'll stay on that damn bus a little longer until it stops on my building lol

oh and me scored again today. i found a starbucks that is only a block away from my building. i was thrilled! so i guess this means "so long, tim hortons" and "what's up, venti?". oh crap luxury coffee attacks. with tim hortons, i only spend a good 10 bucks per week on coffee. when i do the switch, i'll be spending more money on coffee than i normally do. but i am more awake with statbucks than with tim's. hence, it raises the question... "quality or quantity?" hmmm....mehyn, this could result to budget adjustment. yeah i do that budgeting hoopla now. stupid economic crisis. crapper!

help me decide? lol

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