Sunday, October 12, 2008

word to the amazingly creative [title of show] cast

to the certified vampire killing cramazing cast of [title of show]:

a gazillion belting andrea mcardle thanks for bringing [title of show] to life. your little known show has been such a humongous larger than life inspiration to me. i love how [title of show] speaks of truth and reality and doing what you've always wanted to do.....even though there's an incredible amount of vampires blocking your way.

it feels like it was just yesterday when i finally got the [tos] cd in my mail. 15 months later after opening that package from, i'm still bananas excited to listen to it from "untitled opening number" up to "ground beef and a cup". most of the time, i'd play it more than once in a day. it's kinda like a lather rinse repeat thing. i introduced you guys to my 13 yr old sister and she fell in love with [tos] right away. she is now slowly becoming a theatre dork and wants to take it getting her ass into a program at nyu's tisch. word.

it so heartbreaking that tonight is the 'pep rally'...and yet i am still so proud to say that [tos]sers will never give up just like that. we will help you guys keep this dream alive with a normal electrifying heartbeat and everything.

so for the mean time, in honor of this very original and inspiring musical that has definitely been the favorite of more than 9 people, at 7:30 tonight, i'm gonna pour myself a glass of wine, order some pizza, get my [tos]fied ipod and hook it up to my blasting speakers then finally hit play on that [title of show] cast album icon.

you guys are, and will always be, very much loved!
[title of show] is love!

again, thanks for the inspiration. enjoy the pep rally tonight.

much much love,

oh and just so you guys know, "die vampire, die!" and "nine people's favorite thing" are on my get psyched playlist. yes, your cramazing songs are beside journey's "don't stop believing". word.

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