Tuesday, May 31, 2011

what i would've tweeted: LAX - YEG

what i would've tweeted: LAX - YEG

- they muffled the french part of the flight announcements. iLOL.

- if you keep on pushing you'll get the truth. or get punched in the face.

- apple juice.

- christianmingle.com hahaha. i wonder if there's a hornychristian.com. that'll be a sell-out.

- i see snowy mountaintops.

- claudine's mom made me tuna sandwiches for my trip back. she's awesome! yes, person next to me, i have delicious in my mouth.

- breakout kings season finale tonight. as if i really watch it.

- highly functioning.

- tulog manok.

- alright, home now. i miss the heat heat.

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what i would've tweeted: SJC - BUR

what i would've tweeted: SJC - BUR

- this is only an hour flight. i had beer for breakfast. i will live.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

what i would've tweeted: FLL - SFO

what i would've tweeted: FLL - SFO

- back of the plane.

- girl in front of me got told (big time!) by another passenger for being on the phone still as we are pulling away from the gate. embarrassing.

- forgetting sarah marshall is on.

- beautiful sunset is much more beautiful up here. i wish you have the same view.

- i did not take a single tablet for 4 days. now my phalanges are hurting...bad #onmedscanbeabitchsometimes

- my beverage of choice while en route? apple juice....unless wine is free.

- not peeing again. this fact isn't boding well with my watching of criminal minds on board.

- i'm really zoning out right now. zzzzz....

- criminal minds marathon!

- this flight is really taxing.

- the view of the bay area lights is always lovely to me.

- we are swerving. on the runway. what??

- hello, san francisco!

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Friday, May 20, 2011

what i would've tweeted: ORD - FLL

what i would've tweeted: ORD - FLL

- flight attendant: "please turn off everything with an 'i' now".

- o'hare airport.....A+! it's up there with SFO, JFK and singapore international in my book. man, i could only wish for YEG to be as nice.

- heathrow, you have til 2012 summer olympics. impress me. #yes #coziamthesolereasonforthesummerganes #conceitedtweet #tellmeimpretty

- just took photos of the clouds. they look much more gorgeous from up here. hence, i book the window seat most of the time.

- reason #2 for my love of window seats: i can hold my pee for hours. once on a vancouver-korea flight, for 10-11 hours, i didn't use the toilet at all.

- throw some mad props too coz me and my sister ate A LOT during that flight. bibimbap your life!

- i don't want to fall asleep. it's a full flight. me don't wants to get...incepted.

- direct tv entertainment on continental. yeah it sucks. they'll just make you salivate. 6-8 dollars for entertainment. capitalism! buy a dildo!

- metric and me.

- the pizza smell from seat 31F is overpowering the smell of my white castles. #winning

- cross check yourself before you wreck yourself. what?

- can i just say how pleasantly awesome it is to finally meet @LOPchelle? fun tiny times!

- aannnddddd.....i'm now sneezing. WTF?!

- come on baby play me something like "here comes the sun."

- *looks out the window* there's swamp everywhere. this is florida for me?


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Thursday, May 19, 2011

what i would've tweeted: YEG - ORD

what i would've tweeted: YEG - ORD

- these old ladies are LOUD! and there's 7 of them. they look like those people on those carnivale cruise ads. it's fucking 7:15 am!!!

- they replaced the "no smoking" light signs with "turn off your electronics." i took this as...."go light one!"

- ra ra riot and me.

- my meds are in my check-in luggage. shite. i kinda need them. oh well. i'll live. or will i?

- reading about alex honnold and free solo climbing. i wish i had the skill and courage to do what he does.

- i could hold on if you learn to compromise.

- ay putang ina! learn the art of pulling yourself up!! stop tugging the back of my seat!!

- lady next to me just took over about 1/4 of my chair with her left thigh. yep, i took a photo. go to my flickr page.

- going to meet @LOPchelle in about an hour! excitezzzzz!

- i look like shit, not THE shit.

- and there's a reason for me not being able to look like a breathing human. was supposed to leave for the airport at 5 am for my 7 am flight....*drumroll*....i woke up at 5. oy.

- hold still, bladder. we're almost there.

wait for the ORD - FLL one.

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Monday, May 16, 2011

slave lake fire

fire destroys 40% of slave lake.

about 900 people lost their homes and everything else. it's so heartbreaking what they are going through right now.

relief efforts have already started. do your part. the citizens of slave lake have nothing else but our help and support. 

here are some ways to help:

  • for monetary donations, you may send them via redcross.ca
  • if you're with telus, customers can text "REDCROSS" to 30333 to donate $5. 


never think that you can't make a difference in these people's lives. every little bit of help counts. little helps can grow into much much bigger helps. y'know what i mean? please do your part and support. 

you will be blessed in 10 folds, i promise you. if not 10...20!

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Friday, May 6, 2011

26 years

growing up in an imperfect and yet full of laughter and loving and accepting home has made all the difference.

happy 26th year, my more than generous parents!

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