Tuesday, January 25, 2011


...more like #notesfromsaturdaynight.

i went out for evan's birthday on saturday night. karaoke and beer and shots and beer.

i'm well aware that i was texting some people that night...more so when things started to spin non-stop.

now as i sit here and backtrack, oh dear.....

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

i know i'll have you tonight

i'll write the lyrics to the song that you'll cry over

after you're done, well you can call me in this number

you're feeling lost but you'll get there

i'm smiling with you coz i know, coz i know

i'll have you tonight

(thanks, aia)

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

the best of ideas come to me when i answer to mother nature's call

while i was doing my biz, a new potential song came to me. it's about a stupid-bad-mouthing-gift-whore-pos who, unfortunately, is related to me.

here's a part of it...

you, user friendly waste of skin
i can't believe i let you in
in that hell hole you call a home
collection of ceramic thrones

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

london, stop calling!

being in london time (still) is causing me sleep. since i came back, i'd wake up at around 3 in the morning which is really painful coz i don't need to get ready for work til about quarter after 5.

so this morning, instead of complaining, i decided to be a little productive. managed to finish a song (finally), write a poem, process a second poem, organize ny emails, and pay my credit card bills. surprise surprise, i still have money left after spending the holidays in europe.

i win!

(will blog about my trip soon...hopefully. when i get some more sleep)

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

baby i'm here to stop your crying

so we're okay, we're fine

baby i'm here to stop your crying

chase all the ghosts from your head

i'm stronger than a monster beneath your bed

i'm smarter than the tricks played on your heart

we'll look at them together then we'll take them apart

adding up the totals of a love that's true

multiply life by the power of two

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

what i would've tweeted LHR-YEG

this is what i would've tweeted on my way to my dear edmonton.

- waiting in line at the @AirCanada check-in counter. very very taxing. they better not pull that 1 hr before flight leaves policy on us!

- flewran (new word? i think so!) from security to our gate coz the departure board says "AC899 flight closing" son of a bitch!

- should've purchased my cans of relentless in london when i had the chance. stupid stupid.

- i don't like this person i'm seating next to. i'm coughing. stop staring. you want aids? i'll give you tuberculosis!

- watching tbbt. BAZINGA!

- lunch. chicken and pasta with spinach (or some tasty leafy stuff. could be marijuana. who knows).

- now i know why everybody hated the new wall street movie.

- ......snooooooooooooze....

- i woke up just in time for....ice cream! and corn chips!

- in my dream, i was going out with carey mulligan. the girl can kiss!

- now watching going the distance. meh. it's alright. i still think justin long is a waste of skin.

- the only good thing about this movie is charlie day, jason sudeikus, and the boxer rebellion.

- shared a pen with the much better seatmate. declaration card time!

- snack time. chikie chi-chinese chi-chinese chicken wrap. and another bottle of white wine.

- i drink a lot when i'm 38,000 ft in the sky. most specially, when i'm not seated next to my mother.

- ...and another one.

- been meaning to watch this show rookie blue. now, i know why i didn't waste the time.

- ok that's a little harsh.

- 30 more mins til edmonton! looking forward to my own bed.

- do you laugh out loud on the plane? while watching a movie? that only you can see and hear? luda!

- landed! whaa whaaatttt!!!!!! can't wait to see my fajah!

i miss london....and paris. again on 2012!

london baby!

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