Tuesday, September 30, 2008

a quick update

just a quick update on the innings and outings of my lifehood....
  • i'm finally back to the earners circuit again. tomorrow is going to be my third day of working at elan data makers. speed and accuracy is name of the game...and you're free to listen to your ipod while working. word.

  • i'm getting really habituated into busing and long walks in the morning. it's going to be my daily exercise. ppfffftttt...so much for spalady gym membership...which i'm still paying for. god can't wait for that damn contract to finish. anyways, yeah walking in the morning. my work is in downtown edmonton and walking there is kinda like walking in manhattan...only cleaner and no "no standing signs" and no honking and the streets aren't filled with yellow cabs. fine! it's nothing like walking in manhattan (coz being in manhattan is more than being in disneyland to me. word.)! so yeah what i do now as part of my commute is i walk 5 blocks to get to my office building. even though there's a bus that stops right in front of our building, i still went for the walking option. we'll see how will i par when it starts to snow.

  • my laptop has finally broken down. it has been doing very lousy since we came back from manila. there's a way to fix it by way of the recovery disks. but the one that i made when i bought the laptop is not fkin working. what's up with that pc? god can't wait to get a macbook. my best option now is to hire somebody to fix it for me. it's gruelingly sad that i don't know how to fkin work a laptop. i haven't done much with tweaking laptops coz back in the motherland, laptops were kind of a big deal when i was awakening my spring. thanks to my uber reliable ipod touch and its IM applications that lets me stay online. for the mean time, i'll be using the "everybody's computer" for all my computer needs.

  • save as much as you can before it's too late!....or move somewhere else while you still can...somewhere where gay people can legally marry. *blink* c-a-n-a-d-a *blink* c-a-n-a-d-a *blink* hahahahaha (yeah apparently that one goes out to my friends in the states lol and lance and bjorn. naks! sikat!)

  • and we ([tos]sers) are still keeping up with our fight to keep [title of show] on broadway. please visit titleofshow.com and get educated!

enjoy the rest of the week, barney bimbos!

mabuhay ang mga may trabaho!

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