Sunday, November 16, 2008


finally! the red christmas cups are back at starbucks! well not only starbucks. tim hortons has theirs back as well. stuff like this sucks us more into this giant bubble called the christmas season. it's weird though that even with the red cups back, the snow fall is still inching its way in. i mean, come on! can we get more christmas-y up here?

hell yeah! check it...canada's biggest christmas tree. yes, it can be found here in edmonton. mayor stephen mandel and santa lighted it up just this afternoon. because of the nice weather, churchill square was packed with so many people who are getting their christmas groove on. there were fireworks as well which was beautifully synchronized with the music.

canada's biggest christmas tree @ churchill square, downtown edmonton

*siiiigh* i feel very christmas-y now. this photos made me play christmas songs on the computer. tonight's popular jam, "merry christmas and happy holidays" by *nsync and "winter wonderland" by rockapella.

thanks to mack for the photo of the tree.

oh and one more thing that i'm really bananas excited about? my 23rd beer day! yay! it's gonna be 23 on 23. how cool is that huh? plans? i'm kinda leaning on the getting really really drunk side. oh but who knows what the red piano has to offer lol


  1. I had no idea that we had such a huge christmas tree in here.

    Definitely need to check it out.

  2. yes, it is pretty darn big. they could've done better with the lights though.

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