Sunday, February 28, 2010

thank you note

from NBC's Brian Williams...

After tonight's broadcast and after looting our hotel mini-bars, we're going to try to brave the blizzard and fly east to home and hearth, and to do laundry well into next week. Before we leave this thoroughly polite country, the polite thing to do is leave behind a thank-you note.

Thank you, Canada:

For being such good hosts.

For your unfailing courtesy.

For your (mostly) beautiful weather.

For scheduling no more than 60 percent of your float plane departures at the exact moment when I was trying to say something on television.

For not seeming to mind the occasional (or constant) good-natured mimicry of your accents.

For your unique TV commercials -- for companies like Tim Hortons -- which made us laugh and cry.

For securing this massive event without choking security, and without publicly displaying a single automatic weapon.

For having the best garment design and logo-wear of the games -- you've made wearing your name a cool thing to do.

For the sportsmanship we saw most of your athletes display.

For not honking your horns. I didn't hear one car horn in 15 days -- which also means none of my fellow New Yorkers rented cars while visiting.

For making us aware of how many of you have been watching NBC all these years.

For having the good taste to have an anchorman named Brian Williams on your CTV network, who turns out to be such a nice guy.

For the body scans at the airport which make pat-downs and cavity searches unnecessary.

For designing those really cool LED Olympic rings in the harbor, which turned to gold when your athletes won one.

For always saying nice things about the United States...when you know we're listening.

For sharing Joannie Rochette with us.

For reminding some of us we used to be a more civil society.

Mostly, for welcoming the world with such ease and making lasting friends with all of us.

thank you, vancouver, for being an awesome host city! you made canada even prouder! EEEEHHHHHH!!!!!! to my fellow canadians, you guys rock! if i could, i'd buy each of you an extra large double-double and shower you with maple syrup. for serious!

we may have not owned the podium (coz rona built them. hence, rona owns them) but we sure did took home the most gold medals. and yeah it's a record too. 14 gold medals...BOOYAH!

i carry each of our wonderful athletes in my heart with so much pride and joy. from alex bilodeau's gold (which happens to be canada's first ever gold medal in home soil) to sidney crosby's epic gold winning shot in hockey...awesomeness!

joannie rochette's lost and olympic victory was every canadian's battle. we all fought with joannie and we won.

the sportsmanship that every athlete showed was really commendable. ever heard of sara renner's 2006 winter olympics story? here, read...

Norwegian coach Bjørnar Håkensmoen gave Sara Renner a ski pole after hers was broken when a competitor stepped on it during the cross country team sprint at the 2006 Winter Olympics. Norway's athlete ended up fourth, implying that this selfless act of sportsmanship may well have cost the Norwegian team a medal. Renner gave Håkensmoen a bottle of wine as a thank you, while other Canadians responded with phone calls and letters to the Norwegian Embassy. Canadian businessman Michael Page donated 8,000 cans of Maple Syrup to the Norwegian Olympic Committee to show his gratitude. The incident was immortalized in a 2010 Winter Olympics television commercial.

canada sure does have more square feet of awesomeness per person than any other nation on earth. the true north, strong, and free - that is canada.

so where were you during all these polite olympic cramazingness?

**to my dear philippines, please don't be jealous. you are still my home. canada is my home away from home. it is taking good care of your daughter. worry, you must not.

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

accident dos for 2010

2 weeks ago, my dad got in an accident with my youngest sister on board and two other kids. it was not their fault.....AT ALL. their car was in complete stop and then comes this car #1 hitting car #2 that ends up being catapulted onto my dad's car, hitting the driver's side thus making the airbags deploy.

my dad is ok (thank god) and so as his passengers. but the lady on car #1, she started seizing after the crash so my dad called an ambulance for her. 1 passenger on car #2 was hurt too. nothing too serious though.

here's a photo of car #2 (blue car is my dad's)

guess how i found out about the accident.
yes, via twitter. (wonderful, eh?)

accident uno happened last month. my mom's left back tire was hit by a car while making a turn. she ended up making fishtales and then almost tipping over the fj cruiser on top of a big snow bank...on the other lane.

i swear to lucifer.....NO MORE ACCIDENTS FOR 2010! NO MORE!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


urbaning - to look up your name on urban dictionary, either for definition or facebook/myspace usage.

you all know about how my name came to be, right? nope? trackback.

so i went urbaning and found 7 meaning to my name "mm."

1. "yes," "i agree" or "i hear you." it mimics the humming sound you make when you agree.

2. short for "masturbation material."

3. short for "major mistake."

4. short for "my majesty," the opinion we all have on ourselves.

apparently, it's a major mistake if you use me as a masturbation material because i am your majesty.

5. short for "mutual masturbation," term used by prostitutes in describing the services they provide.

6. used by pagan people as a greeting on the net. it means "merry meet."

7. short for "mission man," term used so that people will stop calling someone a name of bad intent.

how's that for mm, eh?

now let's try my work name..."ruth."

1. grandmother or great aunt (i am neither).

2. sophisticated, intelligent woman between the ages of 14 & 55, usually attractive but not obscenely so. reads fiction (i don't read), listens to public radio (sure), and drinks tap beer (hellz yeah!). horrible at returning calls, even from the closest friends.

3. outgoing young woman with several equally excitable female friends.

4. beautiful, fiery, independent, and very clever. ruths are very beautiful and known to break many hearts (but i've only broken one. obviously, i'm not keeping up with the expectations). ruths are upright and and honest. they are not afraid to tell the truth.

5. means compassionate. one who is gorgeous without comparison, funny beyond words, and kind of great.

6. an honest type of girl who is always there to lend a helping hand, and who may lie to make others feel better (i have news for you...i don't lie). normally happy people. they keep their sadness buried inside so no one, not even them can find it.

i don't know which one i rock more. mm is all sorts of self abuse. whilst ruth is more family friendly. meh. i could care less. i am me. that. is. all.

go nad!

i bet rafa's balls got pretty excited

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