Sunday, July 25, 2010

lyrically random

the salt of the earth that you are

will never ever suffice

you knuckles bleed

from fighting demons so obscene

demons so obscene 

that no one's ever seen at all

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Saturday, July 17, 2010


hoy intj. hey! an exclamation of warning or calling attention

hoy! i haven't really blogged in quite a while. my system craves it. my system longs for it. my system misses it. but behind that agony looms the laziness of it all. i have tons to write about but can't seem to find the time and energy to tap on that thing called keyboard.

hoy! it's ok to come back to the places you've come to fear the most. doing so teaches courage.

hoy! as i try to improved my life one step at a time, there hides an intricate deceiver that tempts me to do it again and again. to fight back, i bend my knees. i pray.

hoy! that feeling of guilt that you always succumb to, you must find an end to it.

hoy! so i am here and so are you. i am breathing and so are you. what graceful thing have you done lately that benefited mankind?

hoy! when was the last time you felt humbled by just being alive?


Thursday, July 1, 2010

being canadian means being lucky

something something by rick mercer last year....

being canadian means being lucky. there are almost seven billion people in this planet and we make up around 33 million of them.

the odds of a random citizen on this earth being canadian is about half of one percent.

it's a long shot that delivers a hell of a jackpot.

a citizenship, that for most of us, cost nothing to acquire, but yet is our most prized possession.

being canadian means we have freedom of mobility. if you want to change your name to a symbol and move to british columbia - you wouldn't be the first, you won't be the last.

being canadian means we can worship whoever and however we want. which is why when we meet a member of the worldwide church of the raelians (who worship a holy trinity of UFOs, extraterrestrials and tantric sex), we shrug and say to each his own.

being canadian means that if your finger comes into contact with a band saw, you pop it in a plastic bag along with some ice, and it gets sewn back on for free.

being canadian means there is now a five-cent surcharge for shopping bags to encourage cloth bags. don't use this for a severed finger. in that case, pay the nickel and go with the plastic.

being canadian means we are each protected under the charter of rights and freedoms. in canada, harold can marry samantha, carol can marry johann, and achmed can make an honest man out of frank.

being canadian means you can vote. and when we do, governments come and governments go - and yet not a single shot is fired. which is appropriate because in our nation's capital, the canadian flag flies proudly over a tower that we named peace.

happy birthday, canada - true north strong and free!

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