Friday, December 23, 2011

i am jesus

birthdays are always a joyous occasion. it should be celebrated every year regardless of age.

it is my birthday today. i am now older than i was yesterday and the day before. the sun has already set and i'm enjoying the remaining hours of the most amazing thing that ever happened to christmas eve eve.

too many blessings to account and i am forever grateful for each one. nothing else can ever be compared to being surrounded by family and friends on your birthday.

crap. the emo side of me is coming out again. baah. birthday eve: laughter was enjoyed... copious amounts of beer was had... shots were had... delicious food was had... more merriment was had... photos were taken... gifts were exchanged... pitchers kept coming... more laughters were shared... it was a highly excellent night! the morning time was pretty epic (yeah douche, i still say 'epic') as well. too much birthday morning fun. there are videos. oh and this needs a special mention: jodie was nicer to me too.

dude, i have the most amazing friends and bestfriends! i ask myself sometimes what did i ever do to be surrounded by these bozos. oh yeah drugs. hahaha. count your friends. they are blessings.

my adorable parents, thank you for consummating your love in spring 1985.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


had an excellent time with my family today. it's my early birthday supper and it was superb. much needed family pleasantry. i am humbled and blessed to have still have them.

i gave them their christmas presents tonight as well. coz it is freakin normal to give gifts when you're celebrating your birthday.

early-late twenties in 3 days. yowza!

happy and content.


with the death count nearing to a devastating 1000, and about 52 (or more) people missing, we are once again called to help.

typhoon sendong came. crazy flashfood at 2-3 in the morning. no electricity. they can barely see anything. come morning, vehicles piled on top of each other...dead bodies everywhere. bodies of those who were helplessly braving the strong water current. children, men, women, you name it.

my heart goes out to everyone in iligan and cagayan de oro. those two beautiful provinces are now covered in mud, water, and people crying out for our help. i'm encouraging everyone to donate. we are more than lucky to not be in their position right now. but can you imagine if we are?

click for info on how and where to donate: philippine red cross

thank you in advance and have a wonderful christmas!

Monday, December 12, 2011

god bless

my hand almost fell off from writing christmas cards last night. halfway through them, something hit me. i wasn't writing "god bless!" on them (coz i usually do). it got me thinking, did i stop believing? did my subconcious stop believing in god? is this the agnostic me? should i go back and write it?

just recently i've accepted a huge responsibility in my church. and it terrifies me. when my grandma passed away in september, i questioned that thing called life. how i'm living mine and if there's more for me. i felt like i'm wasting away. i still question my existence more often than usual. so i guess maybe saying yes to what my church is asking of me would help eh? through this, i could probably touch somebody's life. make an impact, religiously or not.

i am not a jesus freak. i am not a role model. i'd kill myself if i tell you to follow me. i am not perfect. i have my fair share of wrong doings, maybe more. maybe more than i myself is aware of. i will never push my beliefs on you. honestly, sometimes i don't even know for sure where i stand when it comes to believing in god. but this is me. most of the time i just need to have someone bigger than anything i know to put my faith on. most of the's god. that fact calms me down.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

twenty days

the weekend happened. even monday felt like the weekend. yeah, no shit.

3-way birthday party on saturday was a mighty success! i had a shot and a pint of beer...multiplied by like 10. teehee! it was a great night with friends. i never thought celebrating your birthday 20 days early is gonna be that awesome.

and then monday happened. i fucking hate mondays to the core. if i could, i'd strangle it to death and then stab it with a machete and then slowly glide a hacksaw on its skin. it is, whatever it is is, what you make of it. yeah totally turned it around.

...showed up at work the next morning wearing the same clothes from the day before. fuuuu!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

no standing

i broke an annual trip this year. no, not california. never california. never california coz that'll be very very unacceptable. i left my heart in san francisco? yeah wonder that.

it's new york city. i didn't see nyc at all this year. a lot of people say new yorkers are rude. those people are
wrong. for the last 3 years that i have been visiting THE city, i've only (so far) encountered 1 rude new yorker. she's racist too. but whatever.

"you shouldn't let people like that ruin your fun."

after that incident, me and my bestfriend went to wall street and grabbed the charging bull's cold iron balls. glorious.

no "no standing" signs for me this year. nah, i'm not bitter. not even to the slightest. 2011 has been full of surprises. one more month of whatever-is-there-to-come-my-way. then i'd be the happiest to say "it's been a grand humbling year of ups and downs. i'm still in repair but i'm learning."