Thursday, December 30, 2010

no sleep til 2011!

i can happily say that 2010 is one of the best years of my existence! tons of wonderful things happened this year. humbling amazing things that i will be forever grateful for.

in 2010...

...our family was so blessed to have become canadian citizens. we've been residents of canada for more than 5 years now and it's been nothing but great. praise God! yay!

...travels! i'm very blessed to be able to go see and experience different places. in the summer, i got to go back to new york city and california. i was also very fortunate to have met my dear twitter friend, dianne, on a 4 hr layover in seattle. so as, neane, when i was in new york. they're both awfully great! and right now, as i'm constructing this new year blog, i'm breathing parisian air ;) i'm blessed to be spending the holidays with our relatives in england. this trip to paris is an added bonus.

...friends! i continue letting the good ones in my life. they are blessings. blessings that I keep very close to my heart. i may be a bit of an ass sometimes but, damn it, i am a good friend! lol. and yes, i still include each of my friends in my prayers. speaking of friends, i lost a dear one this year =( you will always be missed, ching. see you in the morning!

...weddings! the entire family flew to the philippines for my cousin sharon's wedding. i was one of the bridemaids. what a grand wedding, that was. lots of food, drinks, dancing, and laughter. i forgot how much fun it was to be around my cousins. and in the summer, i flew to socal for claudine's wedding. she's one of my bestfriends. she and johnson had a very intimate wedding. a night of celebrating love and new beginnings with their family and closest friends.

...i kinda met someone....and then it flopped lol.

...i got to see my cousin joshua before the year ended. it's been 8 yrs since the last time i saw him. sans awkwardness! amen!

there it is. a very brief recap of my 2010.

so from my family to yours, for prosperity and a bounty of overflowing love, happy new year!


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Saturday, December 25, 2010

what i would've tweeted

we (me, mom, & baby sister) FINALLY made it to london! safely! god is good! i normally do with my long ass plane rides, i bring you, WHAT I WOULD'VE TWEETED!!!!

- when are they going to turn the ac on?? i'm hot. oh well i've always been hot since circa '85. oowwwww!! #iammusemyself

- pilot just did the welcome on board ceremony. i think he forgot we're going to england.

- "what is avant garde?" asks the person on seat 40A. i'm on 39C. i have ears!

- what?! no ass photo from jodie??!? that's just wrong!!

- watching catfish. give me the like button and i'll poke it to death.

- nev schulman, you have a kind and forgiving heart. lesson: be true to yourself. you can only be as real or as phony on the internet.

- ooohh supper! plane food = christmas eve dinner. attendant, i'll have the chardonnay, please and thank you.

- what? it's chistmas! and they don't card you when you're 37,000 ft up in the air. #win

- HOWL. they have good movies this season. good job, air canada.

- "...and ended fainting on the wall with a vision of ultimate cunt and cum..." - howl, allen ginsberg

- with dreams, with drugs, with waking nightmares, alcohol, cock, and endless balls #howl

- one of the flight attendants look like joel gray when he was 43. do i dare ask him to do a bit of the emcee for me?

- remember the band catatonia?

- little purple pony is having fun. as per her box, her name is "starsong." that's just dull gay. i want a sparkly name for her.

- aaron tveit, you sexy thing, you!


- holy! this turbulence is scaring me. surprisingly, i'm falling asleep through it.

- it's christmas morning! merry christmas from 39,000 feet!

- muffin and yogurt. lol. muffin and yogurt.

- huh. unlike the US' 1 per family landing card, UK's landing card is per person.

- pimps don't cry.

God blesses everyone!

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Friday, December 24, 2010

comfort and joy

i wish you and your family:

nothing but joy.

nothing but happiness.

nothing but prosperity.

nothing but kindness.

nothing but goodness.

nothing but togetherness.

nothing but love.


...and i hope you pay it forward to everyone you meet.


have a blissful christmas and an amazing new year!


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Thursday, December 9, 2010


sometimes you have to allow yourself to be weak to grow stronger. but one can only bear so much pain. there is somebody out there much bigger than you and me. promises exist to be claimed.

even angels break too.

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just testing the autopost

Friday, October 15, 2010


almost 3 weeks ago: sunday morning. woke up much earlier that i normally do. went to the can. tried to go back to sleep. checked facebook. and then there. i was floored by the shocking news of ching's passing. i tried to talk myself out from believing all those facebook posts from our common friends. wishing it was a dream, i shakingly picked up the phone and called manila. it is true. ching is gone. gone.

i feel really bad for her brother, clyde (who is one of my very close friends). he didn't get to say bye to her. it's really heartbreaking and very unfair.

the outpour of love, support, and prayers for her family was overwhelming. it really sucks though that she's gone too soon. i know she could've done more amazing things. i also know that He has a plan set out for those around ching, most specially for her family.

my favorite shared experience (jimmy fallon-ing it) with ching? hands down, that time when we almost drowned in the river. we were about 10 or 11 at that time. we all just laughed our heads off after it happened. we do know how to care less, yes.

everybody misses you ching! you are a unique soul.


again, in that bright morning, ching. in that bright beautiful morning...

Monday, October 11, 2010

always always

it is thanksgiving today here in canada. to me, it kinda feels like christmas sans the gifts and the tree. the food. the food is what overwhelms me usually. since our family moved here, our thanksgiving celebrations has been co-celebrated with my middle sister's birthday. double rainbow. i know.

family. words aren't enough to share with you how much thankful i am for the blessings that's been bestowed to me and my family over the years. there's no such thing as perfect family, but we strive to make it work. i am forever grateful to them for enabling me to stay as sane. my family never liked those things called "drama." so please, to our "bored" relatives, keep your negativity to yourselves and leave us alone. as my mom would always say "kung ayaw nila e di wag. basta ako, i'll stick with what i know is right." (translation: "if they don't want to, fine. as for me, i'll stick with what i know is right.")

friends. i've collected a proud amount of good ones over the years. to tell you the truth, sometimes i'm taken aback by how wealthy i am in the friends department. they are all sorts of awesome goodness and i will never ever trade them for beer flavored waffle ever. not gonna happen in this life, neither on sims 3 world adventures.

air. the true absolute ability to breathe. nothing will top that.

faith. He exists!!!!! how do you like me now?

happy thanksgiving!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

it's not yours

the heart you preciously hold
it's not yours, it's fragile, it must be returned
something you borrowed for your own sanity
to fail it never when adversary enters
promised to harken every single call
not to fool with anyone or anything at all

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

lyrically random

the salt of the earth that you are

will never ever suffice

you knuckles bleed

from fighting demons so obscene

demons so obscene 

that no one's ever seen at all

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Saturday, July 17, 2010


hoy intj. hey! an exclamation of warning or calling attention

hoy! i haven't really blogged in quite a while. my system craves it. my system longs for it. my system misses it. but behind that agony looms the laziness of it all. i have tons to write about but can't seem to find the time and energy to tap on that thing called keyboard.

hoy! it's ok to come back to the places you've come to fear the most. doing so teaches courage.

hoy! as i try to improved my life one step at a time, there hides an intricate deceiver that tempts me to do it again and again. to fight back, i bend my knees. i pray.

hoy! that feeling of guilt that you always succumb to, you must find an end to it.

hoy! so i am here and so are you. i am breathing and so are you. what graceful thing have you done lately that benefited mankind?

hoy! when was the last time you felt humbled by just being alive?


Thursday, July 1, 2010

being canadian means being lucky

something something by rick mercer last year....

being canadian means being lucky. there are almost seven billion people in this planet and we make up around 33 million of them.

the odds of a random citizen on this earth being canadian is about half of one percent.

it's a long shot that delivers a hell of a jackpot.

a citizenship, that for most of us, cost nothing to acquire, but yet is our most prized possession.

being canadian means we have freedom of mobility. if you want to change your name to a symbol and move to british columbia - you wouldn't be the first, you won't be the last.

being canadian means we can worship whoever and however we want. which is why when we meet a member of the worldwide church of the raelians (who worship a holy trinity of UFOs, extraterrestrials and tantric sex), we shrug and say to each his own.

being canadian means that if your finger comes into contact with a band saw, you pop it in a plastic bag along with some ice, and it gets sewn back on for free.

being canadian means there is now a five-cent surcharge for shopping bags to encourage cloth bags. don't use this for a severed finger. in that case, pay the nickel and go with the plastic.

being canadian means we are each protected under the charter of rights and freedoms. in canada, harold can marry samantha, carol can marry johann, and achmed can make an honest man out of frank.

being canadian means you can vote. and when we do, governments come and governments go - and yet not a single shot is fired. which is appropriate because in our nation's capital, the canadian flag flies proudly over a tower that we named peace.

happy birthday, canada - true north strong and free!

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sunday, June 20, 2010

an ode to those special fathers

an article by sofi papamarko from friday's metro news....

An Ode To Those Special Fathers

Good dads remember the rules of every card game.

Good dads make the fluffiest scrambled eggs.

Good dads never lose their patience while teaching you how to ride a bike or drive a car.

Good dads are inexplicably interested in things like “golf” and “lawn care,” because if it weren’t for them, who would be?

Good dads are genuinely impressive at Jeopardy.

Good dads get $12 haircuts. (I don’t know how that works. Some form of special dad discount, I guess.)
- pffft. my dad gets his for free.

Good dads know everything about politics from the ’60s and ’70s and would be happy to tell you about the October Crisis in detail.

Good dads don’t mind when you rifle through their vinyl collections. - i LOVE my dad for being this.

Good dads take the boring sections of the paper and leave you with the good stuff.

Good dads cheer you on.

Good dads have a sixth sense when it comes to the barbecuing of various meats.

Good dads bring you ginger ale when you’re sick.

Good dads give you money. To see dumb movies. Starring idiots.

Good dads will pick you up from whoever’s house at whatever hour and not even mention that your breath smells like a distillery.
- amen!

Good dads can talk to you forever in person, but whenever you call them on the phone, they will ask if you’re well and then say, “Here’s your mother.”

Good dads will sing the praises of the cookies you baked, even though they’re burnt on the bottoms.

Good dads know where all the best toboggan hills be at.

Good dads will let you win until you’re 12, but then they’ll straight up murder you in Scrabble.

Good dads like Law & Order (the show and also the concept).

Good dads don’t want you to go to any trouble.

Good dads are not easily grossed out. They’ll gut a fish, wipe an extra-snotty nose and dispose of a cat-mauled bird carcass without batting an eye.

Good dads have a knack for selecting anniversary cards that make moms cry.

Good dads will let you go to any university you want (even though they secretly want you to attend their alma mater) to study whatever you choose (even though it’s completely impractical.)
- amen again.

Good dads get all choked up at your graduation.

I have a really good dad

Happy Father’s Day to all of the good dads out there!

happy father's day, fajah! you are the most generous and loving man i know. i am forever grateful.

Monday, June 14, 2010


this was how the tony awards went down on my tweets...

#tonys TONIGHT!!!!!!!

#tonys RT @TheTonyAwards: Red carpet video now streaming LIVE on our website:

green day just rolled in #tonys

@TheTonyAwards don't tweet excessively, hunter (bell) dear. we don't want you to run out of allowed tweets per hour #tonys

TONYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #tonys

for tony awards updates, feel free to follow @BroadwayGirlNYC@SimsJames @lane1008 @HESherman and of course.....@TheTonyAwards #tonys

@JLeeEdward tonysssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #tonys

it's on!!!!!!!!!!!!! #tonys

lovin sean the core!!!!!!!!!!! #tonys

dueling the piano!!! (sean hayes vs. levi kreis on ONE piano) #tonys

i had no idea. nada! RT @JLeeEdward: Sean Hayes plays piano O.o #Tonys #GetIntoIt

huckadoo!!!!!!!!!!!! chad kimball #tonys

OMG! @KChenoweth is shimmering on stage! #tonys

accompanied on the piano by sean hayes #tonys RT @BwayPromises: Kristin Chenoweth performing "Say A Little Prayer" right now.

the ladies of everyday rapture! #tonys

sherie rene scott is as hot as ever #tonys

second that! #tonys RT @survivorqueen: Ps really excited to see @laurabenanti tonight. She got ROBBED of a nomination!

the trannies of la cage aux folles #tonys

rocking the @JohnGallagherJr #tonys

i bet lol RT @TheTonyAwards: We're having a hard time tweeting as we're watching this amazing opening number. #Tonys

sooooo want to see @AmericanIdiotNY.....real baaaaaad!!!!!!!!!!#tonys

RT @BroadwayGirlNYC: John Gallagher Jr sings "Boulevard of Broken Dreams"... and then introduces @GREENDAY!! OMfingG!!!#Tonys


@susqhb oh good gawd! I AM!!!!!!! can't stop jumping on my couch. #tonys

do you know the enemy????????????? #tonys

spotted, ryan reynolds at the #tonys!!!!!!!!!!

ZOMG!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO PUMPED!!!!!! #tonys

the close up shots of the celebrities present was orgasmic #tonys

i saw that! #tonys RT @BroadwayMusical: RT @NightMusicBway: Did you see CZJ rockin' out to Green Day??

tongue action courtesy of @KChenoweth and sean hayes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is beyond awesome!!! #tonys

the tony awards, the world cup of showtunes - sean hayes #tonys

@lane1008 this is so awesome!!! #tonys

daniel radcliffe looks like a hobbit standing next to katie holmes. @meechelledeeiaz is shrieking. #tonys

#tonys RT @himpster: Either Daniel Radcliffe is a hobbit, or Katie Holmes has taken some sort of crazy Scientology giant-growing formula.

#tonys RT @atrickofthewood: showtunes + political jokes... guys, is this heaven

scarlett johansson wins best featured actress in a play #tonys

cry, liev. cry. #tonys

is that jonathan groff behind ryan reynolds? #tonys

@TheTonyAwards you guys are the 3rd trending topic in canada#tonys

audio problems again at the #tonys?? please stop being last year.

hunter foster, i see you #tonys

ahhhh @LeviKreis, you freak! my feet are a dancing #tonys

this RT @JLeeEdward: Eat that piano playing Lady Gaga! #Tonys!

@pibby i know! i need me sutton fix real bad. #tonys

lamp post #win! #tonys

TheTonyAwards Even the best sound technicians can't keep up with the vocal chords of our performers with #tonys adrenaline coursing through 'em! RT

lucy lui! wapak! #tonys

eddie redmayne wins best performance by a featured actor in a play for red #tonys

@pibby bu i thought she's presenting =( i haz sad. matthew morrison made me queef #tonys

lol RT @pibby: I need them to move onto musicals, I don't know jack shit about these plays! #Tonys

la cage aux folles! robin de jesus, i will always love you! i had fun shrieking with you #tonys

MATTHEW MORRISON is being la caged hahahhahah #tonys

stanley tucci, i see you #tonys

trannies be out! #tonys

ROBIN IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!! #tonys

RT @himpster: Goal of tonight's #Tonys = how many times they can get Matthew Morrison on camera. It's like when a son-done-good comes home

another #tonys moment is born....matthew morrison and douglas hodge. #mentalpictureWIN!

brian d'arcy james, i see you walking #tonys

john tartaglia, i see you #tonys

sean hayes is huge....if you know what i mean #tonys

a boy did a film version of NINE. ooooohhhhhh snap! antonio banderas is presenting. #tonys

michael grandage wins best directiong of a play for @REDonbroadway #tonys

last year, i got twitterjailed in the middle of the show. let's see how tonight goes.... #tonys

antonio banderas said "mimfis" #tonys re: memphis

terry johnson wins best direction of a musical for la cage aux folles#tonys

@laurabenanti!!!!!!!!!!!! i freakin see you!!!!!!!!!!! neckbrace free!#tonys

michael cervaris, i still have to meet you #tonys

it's alfred molina yo! and eddie redmayne, your smoldering look....drool #tonys

chris noth, look at the camera. at the camera!!! #tonys

hello there, jon bon jovi #tonys

oh good lord, yes please #tonys RT @JLeeEdward: Agreed RT @BwaySpeaksOUT: Can we please hire a new sound company 4 the tonys...

i wish i'm hunter bell sometimes @TheTonyAwards #tonys

angela freakin lansbury looks stunning! she's fierce! #tonys

@atrickofthewood i wish i'm susan blackwell more than i wish i'm hunter bell. i miss @titleofshow so fuckin much! #tonys

david hyde pierce and kelsey grammer #tonys

katie finneran wins best featured actress in a musical #tonys

did anybody else notice that they had the wrong name on the screen instead of katie's? #tonys

wow. eddie redmayne is a trending topic in canada. eye candy much eh? #tonys

haha who would've thought that mark sanchez would be seen in the #tonys? #nyjets

memphis is performing #tonys

this audio difficulties in the #tonys is really paining me. fix chad's mic, damn it!

this is memphis' version of spring awakening's "totally fucked".....blah blah blah blah na na na na na #tonys

bernadette peters, i see you #tonys

montego clover! RT @JLeeEdward: Well chosen piece from Memphis!! #Tonys

catherzine zeta-jones is performing next #tonys

snap! @pibby just pwned hunter bell #tonys

jay-z looks really bored #tonys

HAHAHAHHAH!!!! @KChenoweth just fell on stage. on purpose, of course #tonys

it's unusual for @KChenoweth to NOT win awards. noted. #tonys

levi kreis wins best featured actor in a musical. i haz sad for robin =( #tonys

look at robin de jesus applauding @LeviKreis. such a humble person. LOVE HIM! #tonys

bow down, betches RT @pibby: Sondheim >= God #Tonys

catherine zeta-jones' eyes scare me right now #tonys

michael douglas giving his wife a standing O....schweet #tonys

la cage aux folles is the top trending topic in canada. we haz lurve for ze gayzzz! #tonys

really trying here RT @broadwaybabyto: Anyone drinking when Matt Morrison appears, plese be kind to your livers #Tonys

@pibby zero zutton sightings =((((( #tonys

idina menzel is on stage, asshats! #tonys

idina shushing the audience in very a loving way #mentalpicture #tonys

#tonys RT @TheTonyAwards: Triva : Of the 27 performers in the cast of Fela, how many are making their Broadway debuts in the show? A:23

that's the ragtime performance?? that's it?? #tonys

smile a little, vilola #tonys

justin bartha, i see you #tonys

enron! #tonys

some of that none of your business business #tonys

RT @TheTonyAwards: That would be Justin Bartha of @LendTenorNYC. @gazzyg Hey! I FOUND DOUG! #thehangover#TONYS

i'll be in times square this time of year next year. swear. #tonys

LOVE IT! RT @BroadwayGirlNYC: The "plays" montage is really fantastic. It's like a rap video! But it works. #Tonys

@pibby that montage needed more of @laurabenanti #tonys

yeah thank you, midtown cops! #tonys

sean hayes in annie costume. classico! #tonys

bernadette petters = the BP that isn't ruining the planet #tonys

dame hellen mirren...schtunning! #tonys

bahahahahha #tonys RT @pibby Says NO to LBB on the Tonys.

jan maxwell looks uber happy #tonys

viola davis wins best performance by a leading actress in a play for fences #tonys

loving how viola is giving God a shout. believe! #tonys

alfred molina's head #tonys

seat filler people, there's an empty seat behind denzel washington#tonys

denzel washington wins best performance by a leading actor in a play for fences. he's giving God a shout too...just like viola #tonys

jada will always be niobe to me, no matter what. #matrix #tonys

#tonys RT @jaymour: Hey there Mr. Oscar, take this Tony. Congratulations Denzel.

fela! #tonys

everybody say yeah yeah #tonys

saycon love #fela #tonys

dang! they're really making ppl stick around for lea michele and matthew morrison's performaces eh? let them perform alfuckinready! #tonys

not looking forward to see laura bell bundy on my teevee #tonys

RT @pibby: The Shaqueel O'Neil Center. No, Susan, the Eugene O'Neil Center #titleofshow #Tonys

promises, promises on stage #tonys

legs up! #tonys

bill t. jones wins best choreography for fela. he won the same award for spring awakening in 2007. #tonys @TheTonyAwards damn it! do me already, matt! #tonys

rue mcclanahan =( #tonys

@pibby menage a trois! hahahahha #tonys

idina menzel is the hottest mom in town #tonys

RT @BroadwayGirlNYC Brittany Murphy was on Bwy in d last revival of A View From the Bridge, but they left her off d In Memoriam list #Tonys

cate blanchett looks ridonkilously thin #tonys

fences wins best revival of a play #tonys

i knew it! red wins best play #tonys

laura bell bundy's dress....hideous #tonys

and fuck, she's introducing #glee #tonys

gleeks unite!!!!!!!!!!!! #tonys

RT @pibby: If LBB is ever on #Glee, I will boycott that episode.#Tonys

matthew morrison, let's go have sexy time....NAO! #tonys

@pibby !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#matthewmorrison #tonys

#matthewmorrison #tonys RT @atrickofthewood RT @live2tivo: SEE...HE CAN SING WITHOUT AUTOTUNE. TAKE NOTE, SOUND PEOPLE ON GLEE.

lea michele!!!!!!!!!!!!! #tonys

damn! lea brought the fierce with her tonight #tonys

lea michele sat on jonathan groff's lap. tony moment! #tonys

RT @pibby: RT @ordinarymachine: @pibby wait, why the LBB hate? were the rumors true? >> Oh she just destroyed my Sutton's life is all.

lea michele's wrist tattoo, i see you #tonys

lea michele's spit, i see you too #tonys

and ladies and gents, you've just witnessed lea michele's audition for the funny girl revival #tonys

@JulesAGray but lea michele and matthew morrison are broadway vets. it's like their homecoming of some sort #tonys

our matty knows us too well RT @pibby: @akomuzikera See that chest hair peeking through? That's just for us ;) #matthewmorrison#tonys

hahahahha spidey! #tonys

sean hayes is much more hysterical than hugh jackman #tonys

and where the hell is my cheyenne jackson? #tonys

la cage aux folles wins best revival of a musical #tonys

RT @TheTonyAwards: From @msleamichele - She didn't know Beyonce and Jay Z would be sitting in the front row during her performance! #Tonys

american idiot performance is coming up. must. contain. self.#tonys

apparently, i didn't contain myself well enough. twitterjail caught me right after that tweet.

story of my twitter life RT @pibby And for the 2nd year in a row, @akomuzikera has been placed in Twitter jail during the #Tonys. ROFL

schadenfreude much huh, katie? HUH? lol

matthew morrison's performance of "all i need is the girl" was superbo! the first and last performance of this song that i saw was on stage when i went to see gypsy. it was with tony yazbeck and laura benanti and i loved it! too all you theatre noobs who are on the glee wagon, matthew wasn't lip synching, it's called a head mic. if you look closely, the mic is tucked underneath his blonde locks. and fyi: lip synching at the tonys is very VERY much frowned upon.

katie finneran gave the best speech of the night. she gave the most practical version of the saying "dreams do come true." "focus on what you love because it's the road map for an extraordinarily blissful'll meet the right teachers and fall into the right circumstances to meet someone who shares that love with you," that's pretty much what katie said. i was so ever happy that my baby sister heard first hand, what katie said. she has big theatre dreams....huge. watch out worldizerd!

worst speech? denzel washington. sir dude, know who the award giving body is next time. kthnxbai.

and congratulations to the cast and crew of memphis for winning the best new musical award. hockadoo!!!