Sunday, November 23, 2008


epiphany - a sudden manifestation of the essence or meaning of something; a revelatory manifestation of a divine being.

ever had one of those? i am pretty sure i've had one...errr..still having one. it has been looming in my thoughts and actions for the last couple of weeks. i find it mind blowing that and a tad hard to deal with. doing something radical that will completely change you as a person is pretty easy to speak of and yet very tough to put into action.

struggle. struggling - word that should be on my status.

there are times that i may seem like i am in a really good place but am actually not. that sure is a news to you, my friend. yes, i do have down times too. down times are good. struggling is good. it makes you be the most positive human being you can ever be. i've been to that point where it felt like i'm losing everything. my mind was not in the perspective, i nonchalantly shunned myself from any personal connections, i managed to hurt the people i love. i did horrible things that made me feel like an obnoxious sinner. the kind that doesn't care about being saved. then i started to question Him. then i stumbled upon this bible passage. jeremiah 33:3 "call to Me and I will answer you. I'll tell you marvelous and wondrous things that you could never figure out on your own." i learned to take it as a blessing to be caught up in a frustrating situation. why? because i know it will just make my faith in Him grow stronger. see, He gives us trials not to punish us but to remind us that He has always got our back no matter what. He did a lot of amazing stuff for those who have come before me. if he did it for them, i don't see any reason why he can't do it for me as well. all i need to do is to take my chance with him. i need to stop gambling and betting on possibilities that has no proof of succeeding. He has showered me with a lot of promises. He is just waiting for me to claim them...each of them.

as i continue to deal with temptations and compromising situations every single day, i know i am being reminded that it's about time that i REALLY make things right with Him. i've been lost and found way too many times and i'm getting tired of it.

must move on.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

totally unnecessary

stomping on the cross? seriously?

quoting ryan..."Ironically the homosexual protesters had signs that said "Stop Hate." The news anchor was wrong, there was only one group of protesters filled with hate -- it was the homosexuals."

Sunday, November 16, 2008


finally! the red christmas cups are back at starbucks! well not only starbucks. tim hortons has theirs back as well. stuff like this sucks us more into this giant bubble called the christmas season. it's weird though that even with the red cups back, the snow fall is still inching its way in. i mean, come on! can we get more christmas-y up here?

hell yeah! check it...canada's biggest christmas tree. yes, it can be found here in edmonton. mayor stephen mandel and santa lighted it up just this afternoon. because of the nice weather, churchill square was packed with so many people who are getting their christmas groove on. there were fireworks as well which was beautifully synchronized with the music.

canada's biggest christmas tree @ churchill square, downtown edmonton

*siiiigh* i feel very christmas-y now. this photos made me play christmas songs on the computer. tonight's popular jam, "merry christmas and happy holidays" by *nsync and "winter wonderland" by rockapella.

thanks to mack for the photo of the tree.

oh and one more thing that i'm really bananas excited about? my 23rd beer day! yay! it's gonna be 23 on 23. how cool is that huh? plans? i'm kinda leaning on the getting really really drunk side. oh but who knows what the red piano has to offer lol

Saturday, November 15, 2008

nothing but love and respect

last week, i had the opportunity to attend lolo mike's funeral. it was an afternoon of love and respect for this great noble man. we've only known his family for a good 2 years and yet it felt like we've known them for more than that. his grandchildren has been so good to me and my sisters which reflects how good a grandfather he was.

little did i know that his family was the first and raw "baesa connection" that i have in edmonton. he used to work as an accountant for philippine publishing house. they used to live in one of those apartments across the old philippine union college. yep, those apartments near that dato store. his children attended puc. his son-in-law went to puc as well and was one those students who protested to not transfer puc to silang, cavite. check it, this one is the craziest connection ever, lolo mike's niece in miami is married to my aunt's ex-husband's brother. get it?

another death, that i haven't talked/blogged about, was mang "papa taba" luis' passing. he was our dear neighbor back home. his family is the best neighbor anyone could ever ask for. they'll feed you and let you watch tv for as long you want. i honestly don't remember not knowing them. it was so much fun having them right across our house. there were days that they would look after me and my sisters...specially my baby sister. they treated bujit as one of their own. she's their adopted daughter. papa taba (bujit gave him that nickname) was more than just a neighbor to us. he is family. losing him was really hard. what made it even harder was the fact that we can't be there physically to comfort his family. now, the neighborhood that i grew up in and loved will never be the same. stupid liver cirrhosis!

i'll see you both in the morning. there is always hope in the morning...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

routine changing discovery

two days ago, i discovered that the bus that i've been taking for the past 2 weeks goes all the way right in front of my office building.
since i found out about this, i've lost a lot of walkathon periods and my system is missing the everyday "7 block each way downton walk". if it is not too cold, i will most likely do the walk. but once it starts snowing, screw that...i'll stay on that damn bus a little longer until it stops on my building lol

oh and me scored again today. i found a starbucks that is only a block away from my building. i was thrilled! so i guess this means "so long, tim hortons" and "what's up, venti?". oh crap luxury coffee attacks. with tim hortons, i only spend a good 10 bucks per week on coffee. when i do the switch, i'll be spending more money on coffee than i normally do. but i am more awake with statbucks than with tim's. hence, it raises the question... "quality or quantity?" hmmm....mehyn, this could result to budget adjustment. yeah i do that budgeting hoopla now. stupid economic crisis. crapper!

help me decide? lol