Monday, September 22, 2008

[tos]sers unite!

ok so the "closing news" didn't fail to devastate the super awesome [tos]sers ([tos]ser - a noun use to describe a fan of that amazing broadway show called [title of show]). well we won't give up without a fight. we're gonna get our stakes out of our sock drawers and show 'em vampires our vampire killing-save-this-uber-awesome-hilarious-show-on-broadway-and-help-get-them-on-ellen moves. there's a pettition going on right now that will help get [title of show] on the ellen degeneres show....and we need everyone's help. please follow this link get [title of show] on ellen. with [title of show] getting a spot on ellen, it'll boost awareness of the existence of the show and hopefully help [tos] with ticket sales then it'll eventually prevent the closing of the show. get it? good. so please please click on the link (hey that - link. fo! i can lin-manuel miranda rap my ass off. nice!)....even if you don't really have any idea about what i'm talking about, please please sign the petition a.s.a.p because we only have until october 12. please please help us spread the word. feel free to repost this entry in your blogs so your 9 people would know about it too. thanks a lot!

for those who doesn't really know a tiny wittle atom anything about [title of show], ch-ch-check these out....

Die, Vampire, Die! - Original Cast

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