Sunday, December 28, 2008

champagne beer day!

23 on 23

champagne birthday - the day when the age one turns and the date of birth coincides.

i happily turned 23 on december champagne beer day! i've never been this excited to turn a year older ever! i'm one of those lucky people who has their birth dates on the 21-31 range. you sure did not do get something awesome when you turned 5 on the 5th, right? what do you know, you're freakin 5! anyways, champagne birthdays only happens once so you gotta make the best out of it. how did i par on making my champagne birthday awesome? i posted a birthday wish list on my facebook and multiply pages. yeah i know, i know - what a freeloading ass, kind of a sponge, moocher, moocheroo, kapalmuks., etc. newsflash buddy boy.....i don't give a shit! i'm turning 23, damn it! lol and surprisingly enough, it's happening. even friends on the other side of the planet would want to send me something. word.
here's what on that list...
  • brand new earphones for my ipod (hand me down earphones are just unsanitary)
  • equilibrium dvd
  • mamma mia dvd (thanks, cathy)
  • passing strange original broadway cast album
  • britney spears concert tickets (scratch this one because tickets went sold out after 14 mins.)
  • burberry perfume - the beat
  • the dark knight dvd (thanks in advance, din! i'm also getting this one on blu-ray from my sister)
  • horton hears a who dvd (thanks, zoletas)
  • into the wild soundtrack
  • aldo gift card - at least $30 (yes, there is a price range)
  • scrubs season 6
  • house season 3
  • private practice season 1
  • pushing daisies season 1
  • multiple blessings: surviving to thriving twins and sextuplets - this is the jon & kate gosselin book.
  • a luggage name tag holder (for a travel junkie like me, you would think that i should have this one already eh?)
  • rosetta stone: spanish
  • you can also take me to the movies and see the curious case of benjamin button, milk, or doubt
  • lucky me pancit canton chilimansi flavor (this is the popular one. ate hae, lance, maan, ate sharon...thanks in advance)
  • idina menzel cd - i stand
  • any bethany dillon cd

i also have a christmas wish list for our annual gift exchange and i got what i really wanted from that list. tina got me mamma mia, how i met your mother s3 and 30 rock s2. aylavet! ailee also got me the office s4.

apparently, there's still a handful of gift options on that list. so if you could forget about worldvision for a minute and think about me and my wish list, that'll be great lol oh man that was such a horrible thing to say. but damn it i'm 23! *evil laugh*

this beer day's first greeter was amna landayto. yay! amna is a friend from highschool from a different highschool. go figure. this first greeter thing that i keep track of never fails to surprise me every year. i remember back in the motherland, i would always wait til the clock strikes 12 before i greet someone. i believe that that way the greeting is not just a greeting. a simple effort comes along with it that makes the celebrant feel extra special...ispeysyul if you will lol anyway, quick recap: 2004 - zabrina caya; 2005 - zach lucero; 2006 - meishe ricohermoso & edison flores; 2007 - irene tan-gurango.

a larger than life love and merci beaucoup goes to everyone who made me feel special on that one day that i claim i rightfully own. also to the loving dude upstairs who keeps me sane, thanks for blessing me with another cramazing year to look forward to and for filling my life with wonderful untradeable people to share awesome experiences with.


  1. from another december baby to another hehe thanks mack!

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