Monday, June 27, 2011

something about unlonely nights

last night, i had one of the most amazing nights of my life. too epic for words. i spent the entire evening with jodie - the most bestest (is that word?) friend one could ever be blessed with. seriously, be jealous of me because i have her. teehee.

we started the night at our friend shauna's going away party. so sad that she's leaving...but still mad yays for her coz she's moving on to more greater things. all the best, shauna! (yep, that pinoy celeb style shout out just happened.) after our last hugs with shauna, we went to jodie's new crib (fuck yeah i said crib. do people still say crib?). this is uber exciting because now jodie has a mortgage to take care of. she's growing up more. the main reason i'm sleeping over was to help her unpack. that didn't happen.

ever had that moment when you feel very iffy about a drink and then when you put it in your mouth....bam! you have fireworks of delicious everywhere? that's exactly what happened to us! three olives root beer vodka. yeah buddy! we got drunk enough (actually a lot drunk) to do shauna's photo/video request. us doing sink shots.

and then we decided to chill in the tub. so fucking comfy! we sat there for over an hour. talked about life and stuff. had more alcohol. lady gaga played on repeat. had more alcohol. had a toast for the douchebags. got hungry and walked our assess to the the rain. walking in the rain sans umbrella was super fun. i can't remember the last time i frolicked in the rain. aside from food, we also bought a pack of smokes. neither of us smoke. we did last night though. so badass we shared a stick hahaha. took photos along the way...on the tree, behind the tree, with the road warning sign, with one leg wrapped around the light post, with the questionable object covering thing on the sidewalk, etc. yeah it's pretty low key. bwaharnot!

i loved last night so much i want to get it pregnant! for serious! jodie and i, even if it's only the two of us hanging out? man, we always always have a blast. though she makes fun of me excessively, she's still my bestfriend. i'm so humbled and blessed and honoured to call whore. have her in my life.

"we shouldn't let people who aren't worth it get to us.
focus on people who love and accept us for who we are,
and shower them with love and concern that they deserve."