Thursday, July 30, 2009


what is #followfriday? #followfriday is a weekly twitter event in which people suggest who to follow on twitter. it is a way to help everyone find interesting twitter users. basically, you tweet a list of people you are already following and recommend them to others. make sure you don't forget to include "#followfriday" in the tweet. yes, hashtag (or pound sign, to you newbies) included.

here's my list...

@_itsLiLo_ - friends soulmate (friends as in the sitcom).

@4u2wear2 - fellow canuck. co-hosts the social blade show.

@0boy - his opinions are never to be missed. another co-host of the social blade show.

@0mie - he abuses twitter.

@adampatterson - #apattz! #yeg

@afreshmusic - a god loving music lover.

@alainsaffel - he knows how to enjoy this lovely city of edmonton. #yeg

@alexderossi - wait until she turns on the random funny tweets.

@ALEXTownsend6 - he enjoys a lot of stuff.

@Alyssa_Milano - she's just one of us. it took twitter for us to find out.

@AMCInteractive - for the theatre fan.

@Andymeeks - probably the most interactive of the bunch. he was mark cohen in RENT.

@AndyGroenink - i get the most uplifting tweets from him and his wife. #yeg

@angelzilla - HIMYM bud! her kidlets are yummers! #yeg

@animalhouse4384 - one of the coolest tweeting moms.

@astrowebgirl - just like that radio station you always tune in to.

@au_twis_dom - she is a fan of the glory balls.

@ayoslang - the one who's really proud to be pinoy.

@Azlen - the girlies lurve his chattiness.

@BbPunkista - IRL friend. one of my oldest friends. i don't remember not knowing her.

@bevurlee - she's pretty badass #yeg

@bigenya - she is tweeter buds with @jimparedes

@bingofuel - i enjoy his tweets. you should have pleasure too. #yeg

@Bleakey - we share a lot common wise at least.

@boknowshoes - shoes much?

@BoMoh - the shirt you can't stop wearing

@BradHoward - just follow him. it's worth it.

@BrianViloria - hawaiian punch! no pun intended on that one. he's a boxer.

@britl - the @iNews880 gal that appreciates matchbox 20 more than i do. #yeg

@broadwayworld - for everything broadway.

@budjong - IRL friend. i don't remember not knowing this one either.

@CaryWilliams - he sure cares about this beautiful city. #yeg

@chiniehdiaz - our last names can also be spelled as a-w-e-s-o-m-e-n-e-s-s

@chinkchilla - he's an albertan at heart. at least i think he is.

@citadeltheatre - for the performing arts lovers #yeg

@claudne - IRL friend. one of my bestfriends. we've been friends for about 12 years now.

@columbiajames - my guy! senior editor of

@crishchun - he helped me resolve the facebook fuckage.

@ChrisLaBossiere - i'm jealous that gets to fly a plane. #yeg

@DaveCharest - quadruple, musician, husband, dad.

@DebraWard - i'm a fan of her retweets. lots of good stuff. #yeg

@diamondkt - i enjoy reading his blog. he allows himself to be vulnerable...which i admire in a guy.

@Difabs - an edmotonian who appreciates theeatre arts. #yeg

@divasoria - madonna fan much?

@Dominicque - IRL friend. it's been 12 years as well. her witty views on things will make you love her.

@eadnams - he makes up half of #yeg

@earthXplorer - his 80's photo could've ended up on my wall.

@elysa - one of my favorites on 20somethingbloggers

@Eunice007 - watch her 12 second vids. the "horny" one was funny.

@EurekaJanet - a fellow late night skypee.

@executive321 - the one who remembers to recommend me to people.

@foomanizer - HIMYM bud! he fathered damien - the roboto dancing boy. #yeg

@ForeverGlens - theatre fan girl and an awesome mom too.

@frankienyc - i never miss his tweets that says either "leaving nyc" or "back in nyc".

@FreshPlastic - a late night bud from the other side of the world.

@frostedbetty - her cupcakes are awesomely amazingly delish! #yeg

@fusedlogic - ceo of fusedlogic. engaging as well. #yeg

@gavincreel - equality yo! and according to sutton, he is a good kisser.

@geminipinai - the traveler.

@gloriasy - i'm jealous of the concerts she's been to. #yeg

@grempel - pretty cool dude. #yeg

@gschan - he will always be my lolo panda.

@gscratch - very opinionated. #yeg

@HAIRtribe - age of aquarius yo!

@horcrionebay - scream for equality!

@Hules - we both love jesse l. martin. #yeg

@ifelicious - a sista from anutha mutha.

@im_erika - insomniac?

@ink_slinger - his name is adam and he likes to twitter. #yeg

@InkBlue - he has a boat! take good hard look at his mutha uckin boat!

@ItsJustDi - the blood sister i never had.

@jana_rama - IRL friend. big fan of islander slippers. #yeg

@jaybrannan - give him a guitar and he'll blow your mind. i'm a fan of his writing.

@jeniellerae - IRL friend. @meechelledeeiaz' buddy. #yeg

@jescalan - musician. mistah dj boy.

@JimAyson - he was generous enough to qikvid bits and pieces of the eraserheads concert.

@jlkoctober - she knows how turn a downie into an uppie.

@JlynNye - i love the things she says on air. it entertains me. #yeg

@JodieGiese - the fun crazy lovable one that you'd probably enjoy being around with. #yeg

@joseeeee - fun fun fun times.

@JScottReed - musicia. worship leader. member of the heritage singers and faith first.

@joshclassen - weather guy. he might not like this but....he kinda sorta look like clay aiken. #yeg

@JoshSolana - the cousin i haven't seen in ages and still get along with.

@journalistjeff - very informative #yeg

@jpsketch - a HUGE broadway fan boy. we "kinda" met at the in the heights stage door.

@justNICKI - HIMYM bud! her drunk tweets are to "get drunk with" worth it. #yeg

@karlmageddon - he just graduated. woot!

@KChenoweth - if only i could fit her in my pocket.

@KendraThornbury - she delivers the inspiring tweets.

@khaggett - it is never weird to dress your toddler in a mouse costume. it's cute! #yeg

@KimSherrell - the one that shares the good stuff.

@lalayu - the one who will survive just about everything.

@landel25 - IRL friend. the one with the crazy screamy laugh.

@lheybella - the mama you wish you could tap.

@Liann_Cameron - the modern rock girl #yeg

@lindork - HIMYM bud who almost had the best job in the world. #yeg

@livingsanctuary - the activist with a peace sign. #yeg

@LOPchelle - the caring ate.

@lsbeachrph - the one who never fails to remember.

@lyndasteele - she'll tell you why you have to watch the 5 o'clock news. #yeg

@madsoli - we might be related on some only god knows level.

@marcjudd - musician. member of the heritage singers and faith first.

@mastermaq - edmonton's twitter community christened him as the "twambassador". the go to guy. #yeg

@mattchew03 - i got "jon & voldemort plus 8" from him.

@meechelledeeiaz - my baby sister. she's EXTREMELY cuddly. love her to death.

@michelleph - fellow gLeek and theatre fan girl.

@misslindadee - a fellow late night skypee. will RT to you the goodies she comes across with.

@MisterNoodle - he introduced me to lotsa worthy twitterers.

@morgoid - fellow burn notice fan. #yeg

@murnahan - a fellow late night skypee. he also wrote a book about the essence of twitter. buy it!

@mzflip82 - IRL friend. probably the NICEST person i know. #yeg

@n2nbroadway - i love love their soundtrack! i've yet to see the show.

@NathanIsaac - chatty and fun. #yeg

@ninjen - i've learned a lot of new not-made-up words from her.

@nsane8 - the favorite shoe that you just can't seem to give up.

@nthmost - a fellow late night skypee from the bay.

@numindan - she's not filipino but she loves her gerry's grill and san miguel light beer. #yeg

@okinawa1965 - the giver kind compliments.

@Out_Inc - experience her company on air or at a #yegsafetymtg. #yeg

@PapaGus - glad to have a fellow pinoy edmotonian twitterer that i don't know IRL. #yeg

@paulagroenink - i get the most uplifting tweets from her and her husband. #yeg

@paulney - the other half of #yeg

@peanutgnome - co-chair of the edmonton halloween festival. #yeg

@Phierce - he will rock your broadway ass. it'll be legendary. just wait for it.

@pibby - musical theatre, 30 rock, burn notice,.......did somebody say sutton foster? (baby?)

@pipaps - IRL friend. @xingkit's "ading".

@rentthebwaytour - find out what the touring company is up to.

@robangeles - the kuya who never sleeps.

@RobinHoodlum - co-founder of (correct me if i'm wrong) "immature on fridays". #yeg

@rockarts - the hockey fan. #yeg

@RockOfAges - probably the most engaging broadway show on twitter. they give a damn about their followers.

@ruckaroo - the one that survived a very difficult roomie.

@RyanNewYork - he is directing the musical Vote! let's keep our fingers cross for this one.

@saritaonline - she LOVES her ferrero rocher. hope it won't mess up with her voice.

@sczepanski - remembers to include me on his tweets.

@sharain23 - the one you don't want to mess with. my favorite cousin. i love her.

@SharonHayes - the tunes she blips are a++.

@sharonyeo - you should visit her edmonton foodie blog. #yeg

@silversquirts - sterling! the flirty one. he knows it.

@SimonOstler - mistah news boy. #yeg

@SimplyStar - she sure knows how to have fun. she loves her hockey and baseball too.

@Sirthinks - an edmonton trucker who enjoys to gulp...gulp...gulp... #yeg

@siskita - an actress whom i thought of while visiting the winchester house in san jose.

@slv35 - wakeboarding!

@stormbrew - the opinionated one. #yeg

@stygldpnyby - just call her liz #yeg

@sublyme - a gentle giant who loves animals. #yeg

@sugarbear93 - she didn't rat me out when i tweeted about illegal stuff. #yeg

@survivorqueen - fellow idina menzel fan

@susqhb - probably my favorite jew.

@swellyn - fun and engaging.

@TBagLenz - the one who will fancy your mom. #yeg

@tdfnyc - for cheap broadway tickets. ummm...TKTS booth? anyone?

@thehappykid - the one that always send love & hugs. has an awesome falsetto too.

@TheSpinDoctor - the fun edmontonian. #yeg

@thisiswilson - yep. that is wilson. #yeg

@thomasmmm - a brotha from anutha mutha.

@TonyRatcliffe - life insurance broker. i enjoy his regular tweets too. #yeg

@Toni_GPB - she'll let you know where to find the good deals.

@TrinaMLee - a vampire & werewolf romance author. she's fierce. #yeg

@troved - truth and love. my muthaland is treating her right.

@twuri - he tweets inspirational quotes. i love positivity. #yeg

@unstung - the one who doesn't forget.

@Uppie - never a downie.

@wayway8 - i thought he is filipino. ethnicity guess #fail. the chicas lurve him.

@weiwitch - she replies. so yeah follow her.

@WestSideStry - two words....timeless and classic.

@willameda - one of the chatty ones.

@willconley777 - he RTed me. that is worth a shout.

@wiseleo - if you watch SYTYCD, you'll get with leo!!!!!

@xingkit - IRL friend. one of my dependable big sisters.

@xXDrgnGirl76Xx - she randomly met michael c. hall. a fellow gLeek too.

@yoonhoum - a fellow late night skypee. such a sweet guy too.

@zaibatsu - awesome links.

@ZoomJer - the edmonton realtor you'll want to call. #yeg

there you have it! my #followfriday list. those with the #yeg tags, those are the edmontonians.

if i missed you, don't hate. i'm following 869 people. please understand.
give me a shout and i'll add you to the list p to the ron to (pronto! meaning "quickly").

**additions to this list will occur. no idea when. stay tuned you must.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

mark your calendars, droids

these are the dates to watch out for...the season premiere dates of a few of your shows this coming fall...more like my shows. source:

and go...

glee - sept. 16
the office - sept. 17
parks & recreation - sept. 17
how i met your mother - sept. 21
the big bang theory - sept. 21
house m.d. - sept. 21
private practice - oct. 1

i'm still waiting for 30 rock (i'm guessing about a couple of weeks after the office's premiere), united states of tara, flight of the conchords (i think jemaine & bret are done already), saturday night live, csi las vegas.

some summer nights will be spent learning about the mentalist, hawthorne, lie to me, numb3rs, the listener, jpod.

yes, i'm a tv whore.
deal with it.