Friday, September 25, 2009


a long time ago, God described His people like this, "you've seen a lot, but looked to nothing. you've heard everything, but listened to nothing to nothing." (isaiah 42:20) that may still be a good description for many of us today. maybe the reason we have stopped really listening is that the message of the loudest voices seems, at best, trivial and, at worst, debilitating. the message of our culture is competitive. for many of us, the message in our home is critical, and the message of the enemy is coercive. is there a voice out there that is really worth listening to?

we believe that there is. it's a voice that comes with creative energy and echoes down through generations. it's the voice of a father, the first father. it's the voice of a friend, a true friend. it's the voice of a lover, a faithful lover. it's a voice from home, our eternal home.

--ffh and rich stevenson

without hearing that audible voice from God, we don't have any identity. we have no way to function. "pay attention, come close now, listen carefully to my life-giving, life nourishing words. i'm making an everlasting covenant with you." (isaiah 55:3)

He wanted us to identify with him and understand that we're His creation...that we are worth something.

all that He asks of us is that we listen.

Monday, September 21, 2009

2009 emmy awards

so i watched a much later airing the 2009 emmy awards...via my pvr. this was how it went down...

"...and this is emmy, golden symbol of highest achievement. and this is hollywood, capital of fun, fancy, and let's pretend."

"you're host for the evening, mr. neil patrick harris!" ZOMG! NNNNPPPPHHHH!!! he is singing again!

looking sharp, mister harris. do me do you?

can i has your g cleft brooch?

scott wittman & marc shaiman has done it again.

let's hope kanye west likes 30 rock. ooowwwwwww!

i love LOVE the year in comedy montage!

tina fey & jon hamm = orgasmic.

comedy is just drama with less smoking.

having to kiss the guy who plays don draper will make you sweat through your lady blazer.

lovin cheno's 2009 glasses!

oh the glasses! poehler's idea? vanessa williams poop.

finally.....kristin chenoweth!!!! cheno's first emmy win (best supporting actress in a comedy series)!

awwww.....she's crying. reminiscent of her tony win.

and this me putting cheno in my pocket...*bloop*


the HIMYM cast is presenting an award. they all look fab!

wow! that's an awful lot of noms for 30 rock in one category.

outstanding writing in a comedy series...30 rock!

i want to see julia-louis dreyfus cuss on live national tv.

david burtka! fyi: that is neil's partner.

best supporting actor in a comedy series...jon cryer.

omni-talented huh? #justintimberlake.

really digging sarah silverman's stache.

outstanding lead actress in a comedy series...toni collette!

i can't wait for "united states of tara" to come back. take me, diablo cody! take me!

"in your face, neil patrick harris!" --jon cryer

i can't stand leighton meester name.

guest actress in a comedy series...tina fey!

guest actor in a comedy series...justin timberlake!

that speech was stellar, tina!

directing for a comedy series...jeffrey blitz, the office (stress relief episode)!

outstanding lead actor in a comedy series...alec baldwin! but i want jemaine clement to win! stop giving alec them emmys. damn you!

wish i could work for lorne michaels.

am i breaking the bro code?! where's my emmy?! where's my emmy?!

hey, suit up!

i'm not really into reality shows.

oh gawd! this reality montage is freakin long!

maksim & karina dancing! i heart these two. they are the epitome of professionalism in their own rights.

outstanding host for a reality show...jeff probst!

jeff's dimples are crazy deep.

neil REALLY is doing a good job as a host. last year's emmy awards stanked so bad. i love the set too.

tracy morgan cracks me up every time.

best reality program...the amazing race!

i think the show "hoarders" should get nominated next year.

ok what is wrong with shohreh aghdashloo? does she have a breathing problem or something?

dr. horrible!!!!!!!

the future of home entertainment is the internet.

captain hammer!

this dr. horrible bit is WIN!

best lead actress in a miniseries or movie...jessica lange! yeah grey gardens!

justin long is drew barrymore's date. i guess they're back on?

thank the maysles! thank the maysles!

kiefer sutherland sounds like his dad, donald sutherland.

best made for television movie...grey gardens!

year in variety montage is stellar!

jimmy fallon made me laugh on that one. seriously.

original music and lyrics...hugh jackman's number at the oscars!

what's up with the empty seats at the nokia theatre?

ricky gervais! yeah he can have a go at the office whenever, whatever, and however he wants to.

2nd emmy for the daily show!

year in drama montage. the first clip from house m.d. got some in house applause.

ll cool j and his baby face. me still likey.

sarah mclachlan performing "i will remember you" for the memory montage.

"weep not for the memories."

michael j. fox. i will always love that man. he is such an inspiring person.

"learn to tell them to go to hell in such a way that you would want to go." --rod holcomb

lead actress in a drama series...glen close.

lead actor in a drama series...bryan cranston.

hugh laurie should've won. seriously.

bob newhart! legendary.

outstanding comedy series...30 rock!!!!!

although....give. flight of the conchords. a. muthaflippin. award!!!

tina looks like a goddess! talk about MILF eh?

outstanding drama series...mad men.

and done. neil patrick harris has done it again.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

hump day 5 #2

2nd edition of hump day 5. shoot!

  • US OPEN! if you're following me on twitter, you twitter feed was probably flooded with #usopen tweets from me whenever a match was on. pardon me. i play tennis vicariously through those amazing players. i enjoyed the legendary "upsets" a lot. melanie oudin brought the first wave of upsets. then she let kim clijsters and juan martin del potro deliver the rest of them. i now wonder where have all these bandwagoners have gone? hmmm....

  • the serena williams meltdown. that was something i didn't expect to see from an athlete such as her. if only she's smart enough to just kept on with trying to survive the hell hole that kim clijsters has managed to put her in, we could've seen a third set in that semis match. as for the other recipient of the "WTF?! moment" award, kanye west. meh. i could care less about him. that guy has "douchebag" written all over his birth certificate. i just hope he notices that his hip-hop pals are now listening to country music. classy, that taylor swift is.
  • babies! baby joey daniel is here! congratulations to the lovable and adorable ibarras! God bless!

    here is walker nathaniel diggs too. seriously, taye...let me carry your 2nd!

  • rip patrick swayze. sadly, death has put baby patrick in his corner. goodnight, lover boy.

  • the annual broadway on broadway took place last sunday. i soooo want to attend one. must plan another summer trip to NYC that would perfectly go well with the US open dates. oh and check this out. jennifer damiano accidentally drops the C word at the 00:23 mark. aaron tveit is droolage.

next week, these 5 will be all about my tv shows. fall season, here we go!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Serena Williams cursing at the lines person

serena williams cursing at a lines person.

"i swear to god i'm gonna fucking take this ball and shove it into your fuckin face(?). do you hear me? i swear...."

i don't know the rest. it's difficult to hear. you can hear the bleeps though.

i love how they do not tolerate this kind of sportsmanship and attitude in the US open. it's a shame that serena lost due to a violation and not coz kim clijsters REALLY swooped her tush to the max that it got to her mind and totally ruined her game.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

hump day 5 #1

i've decided to start a weekly segment for my blog. it'll be called "hump day 5" ....whaddayathink? it is going to be about my top 5 favorite things for the week and will only be blogged on wednesdays. something to look forward to every week eh?

and go...

  • GLEE is officially here! zomg! but to tell you the truth, if it weren't for matthew morrison and lea michele, i won't be watching this show (ssshhhh). but bleh what do i know? it's a ryan murphy show. try it. it's a fun and entertaining show. IT'S NOT GODDAMN HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL!

  • rick rolled! katie (@pibby) and i has been rick rolling each other with this video. i don't know about you but we find it hilarious. julie atherton anybody? come on!

  • #yegdonair. finally! my first official tweetup with some of edmonton tweeps. yay! we met at this donair place in the millwoods area and indulged in some goodness. first time that we all tried a donair poutine too. it was epic! and also happy beer nicki! looking forward to more #yegdonair tweetups with you guys...specially now that i know none of us are ax murderers.

  • the US open. kim clijsters is back yo! her comeback story is just amazing. she's a mom now. oh and melanie oudin (in picture)? that kid sure has something! would've really enjoyed seeing her battle it out with serena williams in the finals. too bad wozniacki prevented that from happening in the quarterfinals. oudin's story was serena's back in 1999...well almost...coz serena ended up taking home the trophy. legendary.

  • i'm obsessing with the HAIR revival cast recording - need i say more? gavin creel singing "manchester england" and "i got life" is pure as will swenson's version of "donna."

stay put for the next batches of hump day 5 in the coming weeks.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

living arrangements arrangements.

if you are living with relatives that are not used to have you around...or even hardly remotely talk to, strive to make nice to them.

here's a guideline for harmonious living:

  • suck up! - suck up to the one that is not related to you by blood (your uncle's wife or your aunt's husband). they can and will say anything against you. your blood relative will always be your relative. the in-laws, no. they can kick you out whenever they want and for whatever reason. so yeah, suck up to the one who is in no way related to you by blood and your golden.
  • respect - respect their house norms and their so-called "routine". don't act like it is them who has to adjust to you. it's YOU who needs to adjust to them. so if they're watching tv and you felt the need to sing, expect them to turn up the volume and prompt yourself to shut the fuck up. the volume is your cue to shut vocal chords.
  • help out - help around the house without being told. do some chores. it's bad enough that they're feeding you and letting you stay with them for free. do your fucking part! at least water the plants...or wash that coffee cup YOU used.
  • be considerate - since you're staying for free. help conserving the use of utilities. it's recession season. time's have changed. we get charged for every goddamn thing.
  • don't expect anything - never NEVER expect anything from them. dude, come on. you're living with them already. what more do you fuckin want?! get killed?