Wednesday, March 23, 2011

surprising people

"people can surprise you. you get used to thinking of them one way, stuck in their roles,

they are what they are. and then they do something that shows you there's all this depth

and dimension that you never knew existed." --mitchell, modern family


almost every morning, i pick up breakfast at the tim's by my work building. and almost every morning, i see this regular customer. he usually just sits there and enjoy his hearty breakfast. he didn't look grand nor friendly. on monday morning, a homeless (i assume he is coz he looked the part) person came in. out of nowhere, mister regular customer walks up to him with a bag of food and a big cup of coffee. the look on the homeless face was priceless. that is something you don't see everyday. let alone on a monday.


i was taken aback by what i saw. then it got me thinking......have i done enough for somebody else? how many times have i shunned the oppotunity to help a stranger? how many random acts of kindness am i willing to give for the rest of my life? have i been very nice to people? shown pure kindness and love to my family? accepted my friends for who they are? am i good enough? i don't know. there's a lot to learn from people. people who are different from what i know i am.


i need to do something radical. something way out of my comfort zone. something i think is beyond me.

must. start. planning.

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in more ways than i could think of

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

where are we?

7 Levels of Relationship:

- surface (general info you'd share with anyone)

- facts and reports (more specific but not private)

- opinions and judgments (your thoughts on a wide range of subjects, including religion and morality)

- feelings (your personal emotional status and how you react to various circumstances)

- vulnerability (admitting your faults to another)

- intimacy (in-to-me-see; they can tell you about faults you do not see in yourself)

- complete (total openness & trust)

the explanations for every level is pretty straight forward. whatever you have to do. the last level has to be earned. that is all.

where are we?

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Monday, March 14, 2011

what i would've style

here's another edition if "what i would've tweeted" but with a kick. why? coz it features....jodie! well our conversations. i know, lame eh? haha boom! and it's not from a plane. it's from....the pub!!!

ok so i spontaneously went out for dranks after work. my phone ran out of juice and couldn't tweet as much as i would've. so yeah, here...what i would've tweeted:

- i'm austronesian! damn it!

- fucking atheists.

- praise the lord.

- your mouth is dirty. your mouth supplies floating stuff for your beer.

- hehe twitter secrets.

fucking racist atheists.

- jerks. nobody wants to join us? fiiiiiine.

- drink my filth. DRINK MY FILTH!!!

- does the sun make me look like jesus drinking beer?

- idiots using drive-thru ATMs. *shakes my head* that's your people! she is not asian! that's 1-1 for chinks!

- fucking gay racist atheists.

- if you want to play footsie, just let me know. my legs may be short but....

- lick your beer.

- i know people who should definitely go look for a job.

- fucking jobless gay racist atheists.

- we're so very couple-y. our tongues are green.

- let's go on a trip! australia!

- #LBS2012 - wait for this epicness.

- not so pure now, am i?

- just coz i giggled about something doesn't mean i'm toying with the valuable info i just shared to you.

damn! hell no, i'm not going to post the ones that i'm not allowed to tweet. that's right, you goddamn wish you were there!

disclaimer: i don't hate atheists or gay people or any other race. act on whatever you see fit, i don't care. as long as you're not hurting anyone, go ahead. i won't stand in your way. if you really know me, i can be the most non-judging person you'll ever meet. i don't hate.

so that's me ending my monday on a good note. i always love spending time with jodie. she's the best! enjoy the rest of your week!

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