Wednesday, December 10, 2008


can you remember how your parents would make you eat all the vegetables you can possibly consume?

this morning at work, it dawned at me how necessary it is to be listening to my mom while she raves about eating vegetables... specifically squash (kalabasa). all i can remember about the awesomeness that is squash is how good it is for your eyes. when i was little, whenever my mom cooks her very delicious pinakbet, she would always try to make me and my sister eat as much squash as we can. i bet if only she could, she'll shove it into our mouth. one time, my uncle brought lots of kalabasa (squash) from cavite. for a second there, i thought we'll be having pakbet for the next 2 months. so my mom, who's always wearing her smarty pants, decided she'll make squash flans. seriously? squash flans? turns out, it's not bad at all. it was really delicous. who would've thought that you can make squash flans?

anyways, the reason for this segue is that i think my vision went up a couple of grades. i'm not sure if it's just because of the lack of sleep (yeah. would you believe that i still haven't recuperated from last saturday?) or my diabetes (which i'm handling very well) or just my eyes. if it's the latter, i'll have to decide whether to get contacts or stick with specs.

man, should've really listened to mom. i am now paying the price.

for the wages of not eating your squash is your vision.


  1. hahahaha. i love reading your blogs. thanks for your words of wisdom on this new post. for the wages of not eating squash...HA! brilliant.

  2. you are very much welcome. i was reading my bible before i wrote this hehe. glad to know that you enjoy reading my blog, bes. thanks!

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