Friday, October 17, 2008


how do you measure maturity? when does the reality of being a grown-up hit you? 

is it when you pack your own stuff for an out of town weekend?
is it when you get so wasted and go home before the crack of dawn?
is it when you realize that you now have access to porn?
is it when you move in with someone?
is it when people you grew up with are getting married?
is it when your friends start having babies and building their own families?
is it when people your age move across town to be independent from their parents?
is it when you learn to go to the other side of the planet all by yourself?
is it when you pay for your own bills?
is it when you start dining at restaurants that only takes reservations?
is it when the government sends you a mail regarding your outstanding health care balance?
is it when your friends, who badly wants a baby, are having miscarriages?
is it when you start lending people money?
is it when you act politely towards the bus driver?
is it when you no longer get carded for all things prohibited to minors?

i am convinced that it is when you learn how to sincerely apologize for anything that you did wrong...specially the wrongs you subconsciously made.

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