Tuesday, April 7, 2009


i am very surprised with my recent blogging activity. i know i have tons to blog about but i can't seem to wrap my head around taking time to write. same with song writing. it's been months since the last time i wrote a song and i'm scared that i might be losing my gift (yeah a la gregory house).

i'm getting really addicted to twitter though. which i don't think is a bad idea. maybe i should blog about my twitter updates eh? play by play of what i do...what i think...what i eat...what i see...what i read...what i hate. yes, literal play by play of everything. well twitter isn't only just about that. i've found some awesome resources on there. elaborate? watch this...

what else happened recently....oh for april fool's day, i toyed with my facebook status. haha the power of facebook! i had my status say "is single no more?! wha?!" got some comments and a few text messages. after 15 hrs, i changed the status again into "HAPPY APRIL FOOL'S DAY! previous status caught you, didn't it? if it's for real, trust me, i'll announce it with fireworks....or a scandal" hehe i had fun. i am tad serious about the fireworks.

so there you have it. my little blog update.

oh oh wait for my future blog about my views on christian hiphop music. by "plugging" so, i would like to know if you would accept or listen to christian hiphop songs or do you find it blasphemous? you're responses would be really appreciated. thanks!