Friday, September 19, 2008

get a what now?

"get a job!" those are the exact words from my cool geeky godsister. well as far as job hunting goes, i already submitted my resume to various companies around the city via email. luckily, i received 1 email reply and 1 phone call. both responses are for interview appointments next week. snaaaps! i also sent my resume to apple. yeah apple. i didn't apply for the genius position....well i'm not a mac do you expect me to tweek mac stuff? so i applied for the inventory specialist position instead. i was an awesome (i'm not bragging. i'm just quoting my previous boss.) order writer at my previous job and i can freakin bananas multitask as well. so yeah i figured i can handle apple. there's nothing else to do but hope and pray that they would call soon before i get hired by somebody else. wish me a gazzilion luck. yeah i command you to.

man, i'm tired of doing nothing. i'm getting a little cornball crazy in the head. plus this yo-yo-ing weight going on...arrrrghhhh...i can't wait for that day where i'd be happy to punch you in your pair and say, with all my chita rivera dancing might, "suck on that, herbalife!"

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