Sunday, September 21, 2008

this is me telling 90 people

just reposting susan's entry....

Beloved Tossers:

As many of you know, it was announced last night that [title of show] will
conclude its run at the Lyceum on October 12th.

Thank you for all your support that each of continue to demonstrate, through buying tickets, listening to the CD, reading the blog, blogging, writing to us, sending us videos, taking your inspiration and creating your own means the world to us.

Lots of feelings are being felt: sadness, pride, gratitude...and hope. Guess what: the story isn't over yet.

You may be feeling feelings, too. You also may be wondering what you can do. And here it is:

We want to
PACK the houses for the rest of the Lyceum run of [title of show]. If we can sell out these houses, then we have something to work with…and the possibility of another chapter of [title of show]. You can make a difference about what comes next…you can contribute to the shape of the future of [title of show].

What can you do?
*Tell 90 people to come see the show.
*Make and distribute your own [title of show] flyer.
*Post your own video encouraging people to buy tickets.
*Tell your co-workers and classmates and cast-mates and teachers and students and parents and children and friends and neighbors to come see the show as soon as possible.
*Get a group to see the show who has never seen it before.
*Find a creative way to turn your passion about the show into ticket sales.

Time is of the essence.

Remain open, passionate and optimistic.

The adventure continues, people.

Love and gratitude,
Hunter, Jeff, Heidi, Susan, Michael, Courtney, Benjamin & Larry

PS: Keep your eye on the blog for further instructions...

please help save [title of show]. a lot of theatre goers had mistakenly overlooked this one awesome bananas show.

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