Thursday, September 18, 2008

$200 words

you know what else i love about musicals aside from the dancing on tables and mooing with the green witch? the gnarly perplex words that gives the so-called "depth" to the songs. well i don't think "jellicle" counts because it is a proper noun. here's a tanga moment....when i first heard the jellicle songs for jellicle cats from cats, i thought they were singing about cats who like jellies or something about angelical cats.

i don't know all the words and these words gave me the itch to them.....
assuage - to soothe or calm
gloats - feeling of self-satisfaction
vermin - loathsome person
dexterity - cleverness
digress - to deviate
vizier - a high official in certain muslim countries
pious - showing appropriate respect
meander - to move aimlessly and idly without fixed direction
pedantical - overly concerned with minute details of formalisms
cohort - band of people
hoi polloi - the masses
moat - a deep wide ditch, usually filled with water, typically
surrounding a castle as a protection against assault
l'chaim - a jewish salutation meaning "to life!"

then there's the spanish words on in the heights that you really need to google specially if you know squat about spanish words. props to my being filipino, thank you very much. then enter galinda's words such as proudliest and rejoicify.

alright since i'm talking musical again, maybe i should blog about forbidden broadway as well. it was announced the other that the show, after 27 years, will take its final curtain call on january 15, 2009. "what the hell forbidden broadway is?" one might ask. forbidden broadway is an off-broadway satirical revue featuring parodies of other broadway shows. forbidden broadway has mocked popular shows like wicked, miss saigon, les miz, annie, hairspray, the lion king, music man, rent, and spring awakening. recent reports said that [title of show] and in the heights are now part of the mock list. people who has seen this show have been raving about it for years. "very hilarious. it's like watching 20 broadway shows in one night" is what those people would generally say about the show. me wants to see it!

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