Thursday, September 11, 2008

according to my horoscope...

"Don't strategize life based on how much money you want. Focus on quality of life."

i've been in the realms of unemployment since april. i don't regret being a bum for the last 4 months and 2 weeks coz i've been away most of the time anyways lol.
since we moved to canada, this is only the summer that i really got to enjoy. i've been on vacay mode since april. i got to see places that i've never seen before...historical places...tourist dstinations...relatives who i'll be meeting for the first time...and friends that i haven't seen for quite a while.

first stop, philippines, the loathingly (as others would react to its environment) welcoming lovable country in southeast asia. i stayed there for 7 weeks. it was very hot and humid over there. i loved it! coming from one of the coldest cities in canada, i must say that i enjoyed manila weather a lot. we were sweating swine style like hell. i didn't complain much because weather in edmonton doesn't go up like that at all. i'll blog about the philippines trip next time.

after philippines, i went back home to canada and bummed around some more for more than a month. made some phone calls...watched the [title of show] show on youtube...tried to go to the gym a couple of times (apparently nothing has changed....size wise)...gave monica the responsibility of baking me cookies...and a shitload of bumming crap.

come second weekend of august, me and my mom left for maryland to visit her cousin. our relatives there are very nice and accomodating. it was the first time that i've met them and thankfully we hit it off right away. while in maryland, we managed to visit washington d.c., virginia, and of course, the center of the universe, NYC! i'll blog about that trip next time as well.

after spending a week in the east coast, mom and i flew to san francisco. it was mom's first time in the bay area and she liked it...better than socal, she says. from san francisco, i went to los angeles for a week to visit my friends. even though it was "bitin", it was totally worth it. spending gollum (meaning precious) time with my bestfriends is all that there is. everytime we do our little get togethers, it would always seem as though it has only been a day since the last time we saw each other. in reality, we'll be counting months instead of days sometimes years. getting a little teary eyed here lol hey hey but in all seriousness, i know i am blessed with such cramazingly (thanks for the mashed up word, hunter) awesome friends. i know i can run to them no matter how deep the shithole i am in is. naks! hell yeah i am that fuckin confident with my bestfriends.

after los angeles i went back to the bay area again. my cousins from san jose drove down to santa monica to kinda pick me up.

i'll be coming home to canada on monday. i am coming home as a broke yuppy. thank god my parents didn't teach me how to mooch on other people because that is just straight up sick. even if i'm dead ass broke, i'm happy. i enjoyed this summer a lot. i got to see new york city which was really awesome. i've been wanting to experience nyc for the longest time now. i still can't believe that i've actually been there. it still feels likes a dream...a total blur. just like what i've felt when i first stepped out of the staten island ferry. i loved it!

"focus on the quality of life"....i will not trade the "quality" of life i'm living right now...yeah even though i'm broke. ok i guess i'm gonna trade it if i'm gonna be idina menzel for even just a day. omg! taye diggs!

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