Monday, September 15, 2008


two weeks ago, i received an e-mail from very good friend in the philippines telling me that she is 7 weeks pregnant. i got really excited for her. if i'm not mistaken, my heart even skipped a beat. when i went to visit her while i was in the motherland, she told me that they've been trying to get pregnant since after the wedding in early april. lo and behold they are now blessed with a bouncing fetus. awesome.

which brings my memory to an event last week when me and my cousins were playing with baby names. there were pretty cool names like....

skylar xerxes (skylar from skylar astin and xerxes as in king xerxes of persia)

chmerkovskiy (from maksim chmerkoskiy)

novak (as in novak djokovic)

ilia dimitrov (both from tennis players)

ayos diba? well those are all boys' names. i need to get my thinking chair on for girls' names. i need to come up with a good mash up for the names andrea mcardle, idina menzel, kristin chenoweth, laura benanti, kate shindle, susan blackwell, heidi blickenstaff, annaleigh ashford and of course patti lupone.

whoa! yeah that is gonna be a freakin thinker. my kid's name will end up as an acronym lol.

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