Tuesday, June 2, 2009

44 llib

the very controversial bill 44 passes through alberta legislature.

the bill gives the right for parents to pull their children from classrooms in which teachers discuss sexual orientation, sexuality, or religion.

crappy bill.

i honestly feel bad for those kids who will get opted out and deprived from such knowledge. i think this bill will produce moronic close-minded individuals. i must have had a "sheltered" liberating educational experience, who knows. i've attended a christian school for most of my in-school learning years. i remember being encouraged to question and discuss things that others tend to ignore. i've had a handful of exceptionally opinionated teachers who taught about what to expect in the so-called "real world". it was a christian school where gay students, closeted or not, are treated with the same amount of respect. at least it was like that when i was there.

i see no need for my parents to pull me out of class that teaches about the existence of the third sex and religion and other what have yous. they supply me with their own views and opinions about things. the most fun part is they know that i have a well functioning brain that judges well and a useful heart that knows how love. they know that they can only teach me as much....it is always up to me and my own judgment if i'm gonna agree with them or not.

compromising your own opinion is far different from avoiding a fist fight, i tell ya.

as @eadnams said on twitter, "I think world religions/cultre shud b a clas in public sch.d majority of d world blieves in *something*"

with that, i am lead to believe that growing up in a 2nd world country is a major. plus why? because we give a crap about what the 1st world countries and the rest of the world are up to. we talk about them in....wait for it......yeah, you got that right,....school. we talk about them in school. i am thankful.

alberta is moving backwards with this bill.

hence, the "44 llib" title of this post

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