Monday, June 8, 2009

and the tony went to...

sunday night's Tony Awards has "awesome" written all over it. from the opening to the very last minute of it is pure joy. Neil Patrick Harris hosted and man, he looks deliciously fine.....ggrrrrrr.

i posted a list of who i wanted to win. unfortunately, out of my "wants" list, only 2 took home the tony. Tom Kitt & Brian Yorkey won Best Original Score for Next To Normal and the very talented Karen Olivo won Best Featured Actress in a Musical for reprising the role of Anita in the revival of The West Side Story.

here is Karen's acceptance speech....

so genuine, eh? she brought Josefina Scaglione to tears. you can really tell that she's not expecting it all. see the funny peace sign she gave the camera? her win/speech reminded me of Laura Benanti's win for Gypsy from last year. well actually, their Tony wins has a lot in common. both from a revival of a musical...both musicals by Stephen Sondhem (Gypsy and West Side Story)...their 1st Tony award...both were directed by Arthur Laurents...both gave Arthur a major shout in their speeches...and they're both kinda shaking on stage. pardon me, i really tend to do this 6 degrees of separation stuff.

if you are following me on twitter or a theatre/tony dork, i bet you can answer this question: what does Krysta Rodriguez, Karen Olivo, & Daniel breaker have in common?

congratulations to the winners! "dreams come true, bitches!" -Karen Olivo

my favorite parts of the show:
  • the opening performance. it can't get any better than that. they totally beat Hugh Jackman's opening back in 2004. come on, Elton John jumping whilst singing "let the sunshine, let the sunshine in"? that is epicness!
  • Brett Michaels getting "dropped". epic fail at the Tonys. totally his fault. his bandmates know how to pay attention at rehearsals.
  • the droolage that were caused Neil Patrick Harris, Gavin Creel, Aaron Tveit, Matt Cavenaugh, and Curtis Holbrook.
  • Laura Benanti's shout to the Patti Lupone incident where she had someone removed from the audience for taking photos.
  • NPH's shout to Jeremy Piven's mercury poisoning incident.
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda's "wepa!" while walking on stage.
  • Karen Olivo's speech.
  • West Side Story's performance (dance at the gym).
  • smell-o-vision.
  • Hair nabbing the Best Revival of a Musical award. the tribe nearly drowned Kristin Chenoweth on stage.
  • the Rock Of Ages' performance. let your lighter shine!
  • the Hair performance. they owned RCMH.
  • NPH's closing number.

yes! take Neil's advice, go see a broadway show!

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