Sunday, May 31, 2009

not goku's cloud

my tweet cloud (2 days old)

a tweet cloud shows you the major words found in the most recent tweets of all users or those of a specific user. the more a word gets tweeted, the bigger the word will be seen on your cloud.

that up there is my tweet cloud from 2 days ago. see, there's a lot of randomness going on...and now i'm gonna about them.

the huge ones up there are the "lol" and the "rt". if you're not following me on twitter, i gave up LOLing a week ago. no LOL, no HAHA, no HEHE, or even HOHO (not unless i need to call somebody a "whore"). @ItsJustDi (one of the biggies on mi cloud. it has that in yo peys boom boom pow!) and i realized that we are LOLing way too much on our tweets. so we decided to take this LOL celibacy thing. we put it upon ourselves to not LOL on twitter. if you're stalking me already, that info is not brand new to you.

re: the RT..."rt" means "retweet". when i see a somebody else's tweet that i really like, i share it via RT.

ok what else is up there...yes! those that has an "@" at the beginning, those are twitter names. so from that cloud, you'll know who my chatty tweeps are.

"yeg" is the airport code for edmonton. for my edmonton related tweets, i add "#yeg" on them.

spot the word "watching"? ok. then try to spot the tv shows on there...himym (how i met your mother), 30 rock, glee, house, friends, er, the office is somewhere up there too. yes, i'm a tv whore i know.

in the coming days, you'll see more "tonys" and "broadway" up there.

tony awards in 1 week! queue overtures!


  1. my name is indeed kinda of a boom boom pow up there! I tried to do that twitter cloud BUT all i came up was @akomuzikera @inkblue and @gschan and all of those were like in your face times three.

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