Sunday, June 28, 2009

in repair

1958 - 2009

it's been almost a week since Michael Jackson passed away. i still can't believe that he is gone. i'm not a superfan but i'm a fan. i think everybody is...even for a tiny bit. i'm glad my parents listened to him when i was growing up...specially mi padre.

when i got home that eerie afternoon...madre: "hey! your idol died! remember when you were little, you were dancing to (then she, true story, started singing...) ~you know i'm bad i'm bad you know it..."

say what you will about michael jackson, the man revolutionized music like no one else has ever did. he used his passion to inspire, help and reach out to people all over the world. it's sad that people forgot the humanitarian things he did. it is heartbreaking to see an accomplished individual such as michael jackson, spend the last years of his life under the lair of loneliness and the company of scandals and controversies. so unfortunate that he didn't get this much support when he was still alive...when he desperately needed it.

enjoy your peace and quiet, MJ

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