Wednesday, May 13, 2009

yeah it's an addiction

i'm a self-confessed twitter addict. i heard it's better than crack and less pricey.

the site is down right now and i have to idea what shite to do. pre-twitter, i'd come home from work, have dinner, pop a dvd, fall asleep through it, and then done with the day. life was simple. but now that i'm on twitter, i feel the need to tweet everything i do and think about. i feel the need to tweet about EVERYTHING! yeysh, i tweet about the church service too.

twitter is down right now and i don't know what to do (seriously). i came across this "when twitter is down..." page and boy it is funny. here's some...

  • when twitter is down, cry about it like a tiny baby.
  • when twitter is down, something is technically effed up.
  • when twitter is down, the world is a sad and lonely place.
  • when twitter is down, your followers forget you ever existed.
  • when twitter is down, call someone and talk about twitter.
  • when twitter is down, it's even harder to explain to people.

gaaaah! i need my twitter fix!


  1. twitter has failed me many a times. buwiset.

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