Wednesday, May 20, 2009

melts in your mouth, not in your hand

there has always been a mystery looming around how i got my nickname. you see, my nickname is "mm". you spell it like so. not "em-em"...not "em em"....not "m-m"....not "m2x"....just a simple two letter m's...."mm". it doesn't stand for anything really and i don't regret using it even if i'm now in my 20's.

here's the story how i got it...

long long time ago in a galaxy far away lived a cow with a swollen udder..... nah that doesn't add up. there's no way a cow would be able to operate a space ship to get to tatooine. what the hell is freakin "tatooine"? wikipedia that shit.

annnd reality.

my parents gave me a name that sounds like the chocolate babyruth. hence, my older cousins would me call babyruth instead of my actual real name. then mother thought, wait a sec..."babyruth" is a long nickname. let's just call her "mm" instead. at least it will still be chocolate.

tada! and that's how i become mm. glorious eh? ok not so much. but still.

here, have some fun with black coated me's


  1. dude you totally quoted RENT!!! haha ...

    So your nickname is a candy. Sad for me. My nickname is Death ... or the 4th letter of the alphabet.

    thanks for sharing your chocolate covered nickname.

  2. damn right, i did! even on the song i just wrote, there's a RENT reference too. it's an twitter.

    death? lol it is overshadowed by your awesomeness anyways

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