Tuesday, May 26, 2009

see what i did there?

if there's a baby boom...there's also a wedding boom.

next year, i have at least 3 weddings to attend. all 3, not in canada (hello, air canada!). hence, the inspiration to write a wedding song kuno.

my attempt at writing a "wedding song"....

well i guess i've never guessed it
indeed there's rainbow after pain
took some time to smell the flowers
didn't think i'd be the same

always hopeful i've been known for
waiting watching your next move
my disguise has now been broken
but for sure i'm still onto you

little did i know i'll find the reason i'm alive
little did i know i'll be this blessed in heaven's eyes
little did i know you are the one i'll be loving all this time
every 525,600 minutes of my life...plus after this aisle

we'll fast forward few years later
with a ring and on your knees
kept my cool but the tears started flowing
still can't believe that it is you

could've been another story
not as epic as this been
single shot and a double latte
on that porch is me and you


see what i did there? did you catch that?

1 comment:

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