Saturday, February 6, 2010


urbaning - to look up your name on urban dictionary, either for definition or facebook/myspace usage.

you all know about how my name came to be, right? nope? trackback.

so i went urbaning and found 7 meaning to my name "mm."

1. "yes," "i agree" or "i hear you." it mimics the humming sound you make when you agree.

2. short for "masturbation material."

3. short for "major mistake."

4. short for "my majesty," the opinion we all have on ourselves.

apparently, it's a major mistake if you use me as a masturbation material because i am your majesty.

5. short for "mutual masturbation," term used by prostitutes in describing the services they provide.

6. used by pagan people as a greeting on the net. it means "merry meet."

7. short for "mission man," term used so that people will stop calling someone a name of bad intent.

how's that for mm, eh?

now let's try my work name..."ruth."

1. grandmother or great aunt (i am neither).

2. sophisticated, intelligent woman between the ages of 14 & 55, usually attractive but not obscenely so. reads fiction (i don't read), listens to public radio (sure), and drinks tap beer (hellz yeah!). horrible at returning calls, even from the closest friends.

3. outgoing young woman with several equally excitable female friends.

4. beautiful, fiery, independent, and very clever. ruths are very beautiful and known to break many hearts (but i've only broken one. obviously, i'm not keeping up with the expectations). ruths are upright and and honest. they are not afraid to tell the truth.

5. means compassionate. one who is gorgeous without comparison, funny beyond words, and kind of great.

6. an honest type of girl who is always there to lend a helping hand, and who may lie to make others feel better (i have news for you...i don't lie). normally happy people. they keep their sadness buried inside so no one, not even them can find it.

i don't know which one i rock more. mm is all sorts of self abuse. whilst ruth is more family friendly. meh. i could care less. i am me. that. is. all.


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