Sunday, September 6, 2009

living arrangements arrangements.

if you are living with relatives that are not used to have you around...or even hardly remotely talk to, strive to make nice to them.

here's a guideline for harmonious living:

  • suck up! - suck up to the one that is not related to you by blood (your uncle's wife or your aunt's husband). they can and will say anything against you. your blood relative will always be your relative. the in-laws, no. they can kick you out whenever they want and for whatever reason. so yeah, suck up to the one who is in no way related to you by blood and your golden.
  • respect - respect their house norms and their so-called "routine". don't act like it is them who has to adjust to you. it's YOU who needs to adjust to them. so if they're watching tv and you felt the need to sing, expect them to turn up the volume and prompt yourself to shut the fuck up. the volume is your cue to shut vocal chords.
  • help out - help around the house without being told. do some chores. it's bad enough that they're feeding you and letting you stay with them for free. do your fucking part! at least water the plants...or wash that coffee cup YOU used.
  • be considerate - since you're staying for free. help conserving the use of utilities. it's recession season. time's have changed. we get charged for every goddamn thing.
  • don't expect anything - never NEVER expect anything from them. dude, come on. you're living with them already. what more do you fuckin want?! get killed?

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