Tuesday, September 15, 2009

hump day 5 #2

2nd edition of hump day 5. shoot!

  • US OPEN! if you're following me on twitter, you twitter feed was probably flooded with #usopen tweets from me whenever a match was on. pardon me. i play tennis vicariously through those amazing players. i enjoyed the legendary "upsets" a lot. melanie oudin brought the first wave of upsets. then she let kim clijsters and juan martin del potro deliver the rest of them. i now wonder where have all these bandwagoners have gone? hmmm....

  • the serena williams meltdown. that was something i didn't expect to see from an athlete such as her. if only she's smart enough to just kept on with trying to survive the hell hole that kim clijsters has managed to put her in, we could've seen a third set in that semis match. as for the other recipient of the "WTF?! moment" award, kanye west. meh. i could care less about him. that guy has "douchebag" written all over his birth certificate. i just hope he notices that his hip-hop pals are now listening to country music. classy, that taylor swift is.
  • babies! baby joey daniel is here! congratulations to the lovable and adorable ibarras! God bless!

    here is walker nathaniel diggs too. seriously, taye...let me carry your 2nd!

  • rip patrick swayze. sadly, death has put baby patrick in his corner. goodnight, lover boy.

  • the annual broadway on broadway took place last sunday. i soooo want to attend one. must plan another summer trip to NYC that would perfectly go well with the US open dates. oh and check this out. jennifer damiano accidentally drops the C word at the 00:23 mark. aaron tveit is droolage.

next week, these 5 will be all about my tv shows. fall season, here we go!

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