Wednesday, September 9, 2009

hump day 5 #1

i've decided to start a weekly segment for my blog. it'll be called "hump day 5" ....whaddayathink? it is going to be about my top 5 favorite things for the week and will only be blogged on wednesdays. something to look forward to every week eh?

and go...

  • GLEE is officially here! zomg! but to tell you the truth, if it weren't for matthew morrison and lea michele, i won't be watching this show (ssshhhh). but bleh what do i know? it's a ryan murphy show. try it. it's a fun and entertaining show. IT'S NOT GODDAMN HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL!

  • rick rolled! katie (@pibby) and i has been rick rolling each other with this video. i don't know about you but we find it hilarious. julie atherton anybody? come on!

  • #yegdonair. finally! my first official tweetup with some of edmonton tweeps. yay! we met at this donair place in the millwoods area and indulged in some goodness. first time that we all tried a donair poutine too. it was epic! and also happy beer nicki! looking forward to more #yegdonair tweetups with you guys...specially now that i know none of us are ax murderers.

  • the US open. kim clijsters is back yo! her comeback story is just amazing. she's a mom now. oh and melanie oudin (in picture)? that kid sure has something! would've really enjoyed seeing her battle it out with serena williams in the finals. too bad wozniacki prevented that from happening in the quarterfinals. oudin's story was serena's back in 1999...well almost...coz serena ended up taking home the trophy. legendary.

  • i'm obsessing with the HAIR revival cast recording - need i say more? gavin creel singing "manchester england" and "i got life" is pure as will swenson's version of "donna."

stay put for the next batches of hump day 5 in the coming weeks.


  1. mm! i love this idea! can't wait to watch Glee have no tv. hehe!

  2. hey alli! thanks for visiting my page, my sole reader. you have no tv? what's going on?

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