Sunday, May 13, 2012

the human lady

the tony winner and multi-nominated at that human lady.

i've experienced laura benanti again last night! this time it's at the fairmont hotel in san francisco. the last time i saw her perform was three years ago in gypsy on broadway.

laura is, as per always, AMAZING! amazing! she sang her favorites and shared a lot of interesting stories in between songs. amazing! she also performed an original laura benanti...ukelele and all. something about bird turds, pick pockets, and being your own star. did i tell you she's amazing?

hanging back after the show = best decision ever! i got to meet her!!!! yes, i went a bit cray. i was a nightmare. i introduced myself and then she said "yeah i recognize you from twitter" me: "no way. are you serious?" laura: "yeah in those tiny avatar things." OMFFFG!!! *cue head explosion* then she hugged me and then our faces touched. took pictures and then more hugging and cheeks touching. and then my lady parts imploded. crazy! yeah i know? i guess she's super extra healthy now that it transformed her into this huggy person that she is now. but hey, i'm complaining. hug me all you want. take me home, i don't care.

she also smells perfectly delicious like a fucking meadow. yes, i complimented her smell. isn't that what normal people do? she had to run coz she has to be up at four in the morning. she was very apologetic about it. i can't get over how SUPER nice she is. and if you ask my friend katie, laura is in love with me. teefuckinghee!!

yeah that's right, you just read how i fangirl-ed over laura benanti. and you won't be reimbursed for your time. bwahahaha!

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  1. I saw your pics on Twitter this past weekend and now that I have the back story I'm amazed. You're big time now! Lucky :)