Monday, May 7, 2012

hands on a hardbody

where do i start? this show is really well done. i didn't think i'd love it more so than i expected. if you're a broadway freak, you'll realize how "star studded" this little show is:

hunter foster (little shop of horrors, urinetown, sutton foster's brother) allison case (hair revival)
keith carradine (hair, follies, martha plimpton's dad)
jon rua (in the heights)
david larsen (american idiot)
jay armstrong johnson (catch me if you can, a chorus line)
kathleen monteleone (legally blonde)
william youmans (wicked)
keala settle, scott wakefield, dale soules, connie ray, jim newman, mary gordon murray, jacob trent.

it's very moving to watch these actors go into characters and take us elsewhere. different characters who believed that this particular truck would solve anything and everything that's missing in their lives. amanda green's (high fidelity, bring it on) lyrics are just superbo! every song takes us much deeper into EACH character....even the guy on the sidelines. my favorite songs would definitely have to be i'm gone, burn that bridge, joy of the lord, keep your hands on it, and stronger.

hunter foster is my favorite. he made me tear up. his stache made me do it. i hated his character at the beginning of the show. then deeper into the second act, we were introduced to benny perkins' (hunter foster) soul. i also love keala settle's voice. her soprano is flawless. and her character? she played norma. the christian church goer who has so much faith in her beliefs.

sometimes, we lose focus on what we are set out to do because of the things and people that REALLY matter to us. we give up big things for our love ones and weigh what's important at the end of the day.

"if you want something, keep your hands on it. if you love someone, keep your hands on them."

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