Saturday, February 18, 2012

stop that

today, i taught my church youth about the power of standing up yourself to your elders. there was an obvious issue that happened simultaneously during our youth program this afternoon.

the youth department is probably the most crucial part of my church's structure. there's a lot of action and planning and involvement that has to happen. getting the teenagers to participate is always on top of my list. it's hard but i always try to give them my best. i always stand up for them no matter what. never have i kicked their opinions aside so i could push mine on them.

today, they were excited to lead out. i give them mad props for that. unfortunately, some of the adults in the congregation didn't get it. some people aren't paying attention and just kept chatting away loudly. just plain rude hoopla. so i grabbed the mic and told them off in a pissy yet contained manner. part of me believes that i earned some kind of respect points for doing what i did and saying what i've said. but i didn't do it for myself. i did it for my youth.

i know for a fact that those "rude" people are expecting a lot from our department (youth)...which i am the head of. so much pressure, bro. what i'm calling them bull on is their half-assed support. respect and moral support is all these youngins are asking for. if you don't recognize that and act on it, i don't think you have any right whatsoever to criticize what we are doing here. you'd shut up and actually pay attention to the minister preaching and yet pay no mind to these breed who will keep things going in the future? i'm sorry but that is so backwards. you lose part of my respect.

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