Thursday, February 16, 2012


valentine's day is a holiday invented by the hallmark people....or some other capitalist back in the days of yore. 

this local radio host won't stop talking about men being nice to their women on vday and getting surprising presents and stuff. more importantly, she pointed out how she feels terribly sorry for all the singles out there. how they won't contribute anything to the post-vday conversations at work. how things must be hard for them to have their co-workers gush about their men. 

well here's my contribution....SHUT THE FUCK UP, BITCH!

i am most definitely not on the bitter side of things here. oh god, no. why? just because i am single, i'm not allowed to have an opinion on such narrow-mindedness? she made it sound like single people aren't capable to love and be loved. pffft. well news flash, being in a relationship isn't everything. if anything, single people probably has the better cut of the deal. yeah i'm not going to enumerate how because we all know that could be taxing. and it's not like they changed anything in the benefits-of-being-single book. just don't judge and feel sorry for the single folks, mmmkay?

a friend said it best (via facebook): "it's interesting...i see all these updates about how different people's husbands did this or that for them for valentine's day. cooked them supper, made them something special, cleaned the house, etc. and i got to husband does that kind of stuff all the time! i am very blessed to be married to such a wonderful man, one of the best!"

don't let a greeting card company tell you when to be nice to people or in this case, you're other half. just be nice all the time.


  1. Heck ya! I always treat myself on V-Day. I sometimes treat my friends. I'm still a happy, functioning, SINGLE person! Love and be loved on your own terms. Great blog post.

    1. yes! amen for brotherhood of singlehood