Thursday, December 1, 2011

no standing

i broke an annual trip this year. no, not california. never california. never california coz that'll be very very unacceptable. i left my heart in san francisco? yeah wonder that.

it's new york city. i didn't see nyc at all this year. a lot of people say new yorkers are rude. those people are
wrong. for the last 3 years that i have been visiting THE city, i've only (so far) encountered 1 rude new yorker. she's racist too. but whatever.

"you shouldn't let people like that ruin your fun."

after that incident, me and my bestfriend went to wall street and grabbed the charging bull's cold iron balls. glorious.

no "no standing" signs for me this year. nah, i'm not bitter. not even to the slightest. 2011 has been full of surprises. one more month of whatever-is-there-to-come-my-way. then i'd be the happiest to say "it's been a grand humbling year of ups and downs. i'm still in repair but i'm learning."

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