Friday, December 23, 2011

i am jesus

birthdays are always a joyous occasion. it should be celebrated every year regardless of age.

it is my birthday today. i am now older than i was yesterday and the day before. the sun has already set and i'm enjoying the remaining hours of the most amazing thing that ever happened to christmas eve eve.

too many blessings to account and i am forever grateful for each one. nothing else can ever be compared to being surrounded by family and friends on your birthday.

crap. the emo side of me is coming out again. baah. birthday eve: laughter was enjoyed... copious amounts of beer was had... shots were had... delicious food was had... more merriment was had... photos were taken... gifts were exchanged... pitchers kept coming... more laughters were shared... it was a highly excellent night! the morning time was pretty epic (yeah douche, i still say 'epic') as well. too much birthday morning fun. there are videos. oh and this needs a special mention: jodie was nicer to me too.

dude, i have the most amazing friends and bestfriends! i ask myself sometimes what did i ever do to be surrounded by these bozos. oh yeah drugs. hahaha. count your friends. they are blessings.

my adorable parents, thank you for consummating your love in spring 1985.

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  1. Happy birthday MM. You surround yourself with the people most like you and by the sounds of it, you've got amazing friends that all echo your fantastic personality. This next year will be even better for you, I just know it!