Thursday, May 19, 2011

what i would've tweeted: YEG - ORD

what i would've tweeted: YEG - ORD

- these old ladies are LOUD! and there's 7 of them. they look like those people on those carnivale cruise ads. it's fucking 7:15 am!!!

- they replaced the "no smoking" light signs with "turn off your electronics." i took this as...."go light one!"

- ra ra riot and me.

- my meds are in my check-in luggage. shite. i kinda need them. oh well. i'll live. or will i?

- reading about alex honnold and free solo climbing. i wish i had the skill and courage to do what he does.

- i could hold on if you learn to compromise.

- ay putang ina! learn the art of pulling yourself up!! stop tugging the back of my seat!!

- lady next to me just took over about 1/4 of my chair with her left thigh. yep, i took a photo. go to my flickr page.

- going to meet @LOPchelle in about an hour! excitezzzzz!

- i look like shit, not THE shit.

- and there's a reason for me not being able to look like a breathing human. was supposed to leave for the airport at 5 am for my 7 am flight....*drumroll*....i woke up at 5. oy.

- hold still, bladder. we're almost there.

wait for the ORD - FLL one.

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