Friday, May 20, 2011

what i would've tweeted: ORD - FLL

what i would've tweeted: ORD - FLL

- flight attendant: "please turn off everything with an 'i' now".

- o'hare airport.....A+! it's up there with SFO, JFK and singapore international in my book. man, i could only wish for YEG to be as nice.

- heathrow, you have til 2012 summer olympics. impress me. #yes #coziamthesolereasonforthesummerganes #conceitedtweet #tellmeimpretty

- just took photos of the clouds. they look much more gorgeous from up here. hence, i book the window seat most of the time.

- reason #2 for my love of window seats: i can hold my pee for hours. once on a vancouver-korea flight, for 10-11 hours, i didn't use the toilet at all.

- throw some mad props too coz me and my sister ate A LOT during that flight. bibimbap your life!

- i don't want to fall asleep. it's a full flight. me don't wants to get...incepted.

- direct tv entertainment on continental. yeah it sucks. they'll just make you salivate. 6-8 dollars for entertainment. capitalism! buy a dildo!

- metric and me.

- the pizza smell from seat 31F is overpowering the smell of my white castles. #winning

- cross check yourself before you wreck yourself. what?

- can i just say how pleasantly awesome it is to finally meet @LOPchelle? fun tiny times!

- aannnddddd.....i'm now sneezing. WTF?!

- come on baby play me something like "here comes the sun."

- *looks out the window* there's swamp everywhere. this is florida for me?


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