Sunday, January 2, 2011

what i would've tweeted LHR-YEG

this is what i would've tweeted on my way to my dear edmonton.

- waiting in line at the @AirCanada check-in counter. very very taxing. they better not pull that 1 hr before flight leaves policy on us!

- flewran (new word? i think so!) from security to our gate coz the departure board says "AC899 flight closing" son of a bitch!

- should've purchased my cans of relentless in london when i had the chance. stupid stupid.

- i don't like this person i'm seating next to. i'm coughing. stop staring. you want aids? i'll give you tuberculosis!

- watching tbbt. BAZINGA!

- lunch. chicken and pasta with spinach (or some tasty leafy stuff. could be marijuana. who knows).

- now i know why everybody hated the new wall street movie.

- ......snooooooooooooze....

- i woke up just in time cream! and corn chips!

- in my dream, i was going out with carey mulligan. the girl can kiss!

- now watching going the distance. meh. it's alright. i still think justin long is a waste of skin.

- the only good thing about this movie is charlie day, jason sudeikus, and the boxer rebellion.

- shared a pen with the much better seatmate. declaration card time!

- snack time. chikie chi-chinese chi-chinese chicken wrap. and another bottle of white wine.

- i drink a lot when i'm 38,000 ft in the sky. most specially, when i'm not seated next to my mother.

- ...and another one.

- been meaning to watch this show rookie blue. now, i know why i didn't waste the time.

- ok that's a little harsh.

- 30 more mins til edmonton! looking forward to my own bed.

- do you laugh out loud on the plane? while watching a movie? that only you can see and hear? luda!

- landed! whaa whaaatttt!!!!!! can't wait to see my fajah!

i miss london....and paris. again on 2012!

london baby!

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